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By jeremy_s (registered) | Posted June 04, 2014 at 11:36:13

Great Plan. How did that intersection at King William and Mary ever get planned that way?!!!

When you're done with Mary St., maybe this could be proposed for John St. N too. I regularly take John St. N from downtown to the waterfront during afternoon rush hour, and traffic is VERY light. Even at rush hour, it looks pretty much (like this)[,+on&ll=43.267812,-79.861239&spn=0.000008,0.004801&hnear=Mary+St,+Hamilton,+Ontario&gl=ca&t=h&z=18&layer=c&cbll=43.267903,-79.861196&panoid=X1xJV21UDlJdegHrbW56Ow&cbp=12,19.09,,0,8.04]

The one-way stretch of John St. N., from the train tracks to Burlington St. is 3 lanes wide. One lane has street parking, one lane could easily carry all the traffic, and the remaining lane is redundant. The redundant lane could easily be turned into a two-way bike lane or opened up to opposing traffic, or turfed entirely (thus reducing future road maintenance costs and water run-off for that stretch of street by 33%).

As a side note: Yesterday when I was there at 5:30pm there were two police officers on bikes driving the wrong way down the street. I suppose if I turned my car around and followed them they would be cool with that ;)

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