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By ScreenCarp (registered) | Posted May 31, 2014 at 00:45:02

The patio idea is great, and these are great examples of one way streets. I think when LRT arrives, we should just block it off to car traffic and make it a pedestrian/bike/LRT mall. I think the slower traffic has already made the IV a gateway to downtown and really breaks the 20 minutes across the city mold. It often takes me 20 minutes to get from Victoria to James alone, so already it's not for through traffic. Through traffic can bypass north on Cannon, South along Hunter and King will open up again at James and then Bay.

The best part about shoppers coming East from West/Dundas is the parking that's easily accessible from Main Street. Main and King are only a block apart, as is King William (which is due to become two way). One of the "two way is better for retail" arguments stems from the expectation that folks will "cruise" the strip at slow enough speed to look in the windows and that they'll be able to access the stores easily. I think in these days of GPS folks know where they're going, so it's really convenient to drive down Main, park in a lot off of Main and walk the downtown. King and Main don't have to be two way in the core because they're so close.

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