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By ScreenCarp (registered) | Posted May 30, 2014 at 15:06:11 in reply to Comment 101809

Yeah, the folks in International Village are just drowning in blessings.

For the amount of public money invested in the area, yes they are. International Village today looks completely different than it did in the '90's when it was four lanes and few stop lights. Traffic has been calmed, lights slowed to the point traffic does not "roar" through the area anymore. No one is driving through International Village at high speeds, it's impossible even in light traffic because the lights won't let you. Since you like history, a lot of folks who poured their hearts into their small businesses lost everything because the endless street improvements disrupted things so much they could never recover. You would happily throw them back into that mess simply because you want half of the cars to travel the other direction.

you should ask yourself why you're still living in a city that you hate.

Stop doing this. Just stop.

Sorry but no. I'm tired of the Hamilton bashing that goes on on this site. Civic engagement is one thing, but seeing IV as "soul sucking" and "hostile to any form of vibrant urban life" simply because the cars only go one way is obviously looking at it through a cracked lens. The only "civic engagement" you seem want is that which agrees with your ideology.

If you hate Hamilton so much, move. Stop bringing those of us who love it down. Stop calling us "trolls" because we like it here. Stop disparaging the great strides we've made in the core because it doesn't fit into your narrow view.

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