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By screencarp (registered) | Posted May 29, 2014 at 20:44:26 in reply to Comment 101771

The IV BIA thinks King Street is "soul sucking"? That's funny! I thought it was "an urban eclectic village complete with destination food retailers and food services as well as businesses that appeal to the growing local residential population nearby." You'll have to tell Denninger's and the Black Forest Inn that they're not viable businesses. I'm sure they'll be disappointed. I've only just discovered Stax Chicken and Waffles! I'm going to be so sad when they close because the cars only go one way and that makes the area "hostile to any form of vibrant urban life."

I think the quoted release is pretty nervy considering how much money has been poured into their area in the past 15 years and how much it has uplifted the area. Common sense is to count your blessings and don't get greedy. Or perhaps they're jealous of the so much more successful two way BIA's such as Ottawa Street or Concession.

I stand behind my statement. If you think International Village is "hostile to any form of vibrant urban life" and "soul sucking" you should ask yourself why you're still living in a city that you hate.

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