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By jason (registered) | Posted May 28, 2014 at 19:34:37

A few points:

  • as stated above, no reason whatsoever these first two pieces can't extend to James from the west and John from the east. Then cyclists can at least get to the GO Station instead of being forced on useless one-ways like Catharine and MacNab

  • also, as stated in the article, no reason we can't do the entire thing.

  • as for lack of protection, it's mind-boggling that they are actually spending money and time to move parking from the south curb to the north curb. All they needed to do was move the parking out and put the bike lanes beside it. I can't stand how our staff always know better than the rest of the world on things like this. Just like when we didn't paint the bike box on Studholme with green paint because it's so dangerous to cyclists.
    Glad to see we are at least using green bike boxes now. I assume, like everything else in this town, we will waste more money and move the parking back to the south side to protect the bike lanes in 5 years like the rest of the world.

  • also, not a big fan of them encouraging drivers to turn right on red through a bike box. Would be better to train drivers to never drive in bike boxes. You and I know exactly what is coming: bikes waiting in the bike box will have cars inching forward, honking for them to move over so they can turn right on a RED. Yes, we bend over backwards to allow cars to go through RED lights in Hamilton.

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