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By Voter (anonymous) | Posted May 09, 2014 at 13:24:35

Having McHattie in the race changes the dynamic. It's the difference between having someone to vote for as opposed to picking the best of the rest. If it was just Clark-Eisenberger, I'd hold my nose and vote for Fred. The problem is that Fred is not the right man for the job. Period. His position on LRT shows that he has learned nothing from how he dealt with the stadium issue when he was mayor. Simply stating your preference for something, but waffling when it counts is not leadership. Fred is a nice guy, but his track record shows that he simply can't seal the deal when it counts. We need someone who will actually be able to deliver for Hamilton.

McHattie has made a few missteps as well as some great moves in the early goings of the campaign, but as a potential Mayor, he is far and away the best candidate. He is a rock solid councillor with a track record that fits where Hamilton is going as a city. It's very early in the campaign to get a true sense of sustained momentum, but McHattie has a strong base that's growing. I don't think Eisenberger even has a base left to grow from.

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