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By Hunter (anonymous) | Posted May 08, 2014 at 13:10:28

The municipal election is looking grim. All of the momentum and usual media suspects seem to be behind Clark.

I think one should consider strategically abandoning McHattie in favour of Fred. McHattie is a superlative councillor (I lived a long time in his ward) and I support his policy views. But my fear that he could't connect with the electorate seems to be proving out. His Red Hill and statue issues have all but destroyed him. I've considered spending time and money on his campaign but unless he changes his approach, and fast, he will simply have no chance of winning over the voters outside of Ward 1.

Even though McHattie is the strongest proponent of LRT, I think the best chance is to support Fred, who has a chance at winning. I would hate to see Clark win on a split Fred/McHattie vote.

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