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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted May 07, 2014 at 09:57:55

When cycling around a neighborhood, you are moving slower, and more immersed in the surroundings. Thus as a result of cycling around the mountain for a good bunch of years, I saw several hair raising moments on Garth and on Mohawk where I thought a senior was going to get smoked by traffic. What I recall, especially from the closest scariest one I saw, was someone started crossing when it was safe, but failed to make it across before the next wave caught up.

That said, there are no details on what happened, so in this instance, it's certainly possible this man stepped out into traffic inappropriately. Speculation does no good. But yes the roads are wide and scary if you can't walk fast.

Drivers on that road are impatient, the whole time I lived on Mohawk Road there were so many horn honks just because people pulling out of their driveways. End of April, my knee healed enough, the very first day I jumped on the bike to visit the post office 1km away on Garth; didn't get halfway before a driver swore at me out their window because they had to pass me. People are rude. I had a sick feeling someone would be hit, my intuition was correct.

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