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By city girl (anonymous) | Posted September 21, 2006 at 10:18:10

I'm sorry - the mayor didn't 'take his lumps" at all! He only plead guilty in court to a couple thousand in illegal contributions. Yet he paid back $26,000 - that to me is an admission of guilt right there. So we only have the full story for a fraction of what was donated. How is that fair to taxpayers???

Ok, so Fred registered his domain a few days early. He spent maybe $15 to secure the site he wanted, and got someone to do a little tinkering. This isn't even on the same scale! I saw the demo site. It was so obviously a moch-up. It had place-holder text, instead of real words. it wasn't connected up. No donations could be made through it. It was a demo, plain and simple. I don't see how registering a domain name is even in the same conversation as 41 charges, and at least $26,000 in illegal campaing contributions.

I don't see what's so fantastic about Larry, that people will turn a blind eye to what he did, yet, nitpick about every little miniscule "mistake" anyone else does. It reminds me of the federal Liberals trying to make the Conservatives look bad in the last election, when THEY were the ones swirling with scandal.

What's wrong with people in this city!?

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