Comment 100617

By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted April 24, 2014 at 22:13:24 in reply to Comment 100607

We have dismantled and neglected much of the railway infrastructure we had, and what we had is nowhere near sufficient to move the amount of goods we ship today. For example, right now out in Western Canada we have insufficient capacity to move both wheat and oil in large volumes. No way we have the capacity to ship everything else by rail as well. We can't just convert to rail overnight, it would literally take decades (and likely significant new developments in containerized shipping and computerized trains).

Even our freight loading/unloading areas are too far and few between, and we would still need significant trucks to carry the goods "the last mile" to the point of delivery. There is simply insufficient available space for new tracks and loading/unloading stations in and around our urban areas.

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