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By Joan (registered) | Posted April 20, 2014 at 16:38:23

Seems we are always playing catch up, but that doesn't really matter. We can always catch up and surpass. Hamilton is stronger than people give us credit for. Private funding will probably pull this one through, it will be done with "heart" and "love". By no means was there to be any implication, that it wouldn't involve other talents of note, that contributed to establishing Hamilton within the ranks. I am lucky to know personally a lot of them, current ones that is, recently lost, etc...and ones prior I know about, just not personally...I am not that old Without the city and the residents of the city behind it with art budgets etc, I am not sure how far it will go. It then puts it into individual groups to work on and to get behind the rest of our talent and keep carrying it on. There already a lot of residents that want to see this happen. Once we start, we will make it happen, we will inform the public and they can help, or not it will be up to the individual at that point. I plan on making myself as active in this as the family and Tom and Madeline, etc want me to be. I can really foresee nothing but benefit for any neighbourhood, the business owners, etc of whatever neighbourhood..says yes, wholeheartedly bring it on! And then I wouldn't be expecting criticism if it only goes so far, without some sort of backing, we can only do so much..but it will be the best that we can. Seems like there are a fair lot of you on this posting that would be I will keep you posted when we get the ball rolling.

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