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By sharonWilks (registered) | Posted April 19, 2014 at 13:29:47

I attended the meeting and I have much to say. I am a dancer, an actor, a touring Canadian musician, a certified school teacher, a volunteer, and am also a first generation Italian-Canadian. So, my interests and concerns, of course encompass all these areas: the arts of all types, education and youth, as well as cultural diversity. I'd like to express my opinion directly to Santo and the other seemingly narrow-minded people who appear to quickly combat an idea that they simply have no interest in. Santo... what exactly does your quote about ethnic groups mean? To me, it appears that you are stating that ethnic-Canadians have no interest in the arts. Perhaps you didn't express yourself properly... similar to your vague, perhaps egotistical and not very eloquent arguments voiced at the community meeting. I understand and can see that you are upset that you and other members of the community were not included in the initial decision process regarding the statue idea. It was an idea, however. An idea that was accepted and believed in by McHattie and other members at City Hall. McHattie gracefully admitted that perhaps next time, the decision on public art should be taken to the community first. That is the quality of a great leader. My question is, were you so quick to jump on the bandwagon regarding the decisions on the bus lanes, or all of the other city endeavours? Perhaps you were. And like the Rolling Stones sang, "You can't always get what you want." You probably have never heard of the Rolling Stones though. To you and the others whose anger was focused on a statue of an infamous musician who perhaps you've never heard of, there are many statues and pieces of art that commemorate and honor people I have never heard of either. However, they bring awareness to a community about art and artistic individuals. These pieces of art make a bold statement and draw in tourists. We aren't going to always feel a personal connection with every piece of art that goes up in a city. Council cannot always appease every group within the community. Shockingly, I'm not a hockey fan, but if the community decided to mount a statue of Zac Rinaldo, I'd realize the importance of that and how it contributes to the development of community pride and national awareness. And if the amount of money that was to be spent on the development of the statue, paying the LOCAL artist to design and build it, etc... was the big problem for you, well could you not have suggested that perhaps less money was spent and not knock the idea completely? What are you really fighting... because to me it appears that you have a personal vendetta. By the way... I saw you with your phone to your ear for a large portion at the community meeting. Isn't this an issue that you feel passionately about? I find it difficult to see your passion on this issue when I watched you on your phone more often than not. Tom Wilson, Madeline Wilson, and Brian McHattie were focused, passionate, and truly concerned. Their hearts and minds were open and they had an idea. So what if you didn't agree with the importance of it. or know who Frankie Venom was? Many don't know who Glenn Gould is and there is a giant life size bronze statue of him in front of the CBC building in Toronto. I bet that gets residents, children, and tourists questioning who this is... and perhaps sends them on a quest to find out. It's about building awareness. Apparently, you'd rather live in a little box and not contribute to planting seeds in order for your community to flourish.

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