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By Frank (registered) | Posted August 01, 2007 at 09:54:11

I'm with Ron on this. I don't think that making the rules lenient especially the yielding at stop signs on streets is going to make things safer. When I bike, I'd much rather stop to make sure that I'm not going to get hit than yield at a stop sign expecting a motorist to stop and get broadsided. When you're biking on side roads, obviously you'd yield at a stop sign. Generally you can see what's going on and road speed are usually slower than the main roads. Look both ways and cross. It's the same as walking along the road. As a cyclist I don't think I'd want to put the onus (sp?) on drivers to stop at stop signs when they don't follow the majority of the rules of the road anyway. The argument is kind of moot if you're laying on the ground with broken legs or worse because "he was supposed to stop at the stop sign". You've still got broken legs. Also realize that ignorant people in cars aren't just ignorant to people who walk or bike. They ignorant to everyone including other drivers. Just to relate an experience of my own, I was driving through downtown about a month ago and watched a driver run nearly every light on the red. When I managed to get his attention and get him to pull over to ask him what he thought he was doing, he stated "they're going to turn green anyway"!!! Guys its not a problem with the rules or even road geometrics. It's a mental me-first-and-who-gives-a-rat's-@$$-about-everyone-else attitude that needs to stop.

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