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By Joan (registered) | Posted April 18, 2014 at 17:38:04

At that meeting last night both Tom and Madline Wilson very eloquently expressed the basis of their idea, Their concept if allowed to follow through would have in the long run boosted the economy, as well as commemorating some great artists, musicians that did put Hamilton on the you are aware of this or is true...McHattie apologized for the way it all came out, but it was the press that mislead and misinformed the public as well. There is an art budget that is clear. I have read many slanderous and defamatory comments about Frank Kerr (Venom) that are based on here say,, bar room gossip. Specifically the domestic abuse charges...if you were privy to the truth of that situation you would not be repeating it...not all is how it seems. What this succeeded in doing was hurt people, enrage the ones that actually knew Frank as both the man and the musician. Teenage Head actually got a platinum album, not just gold but platinum.. They presented one to the City of Hamilton, a city at one time backed them. The choice for Frankie to be the first in a series was based on the fact that weather you know it or not..put Hamilton on the map. Playing to sold out shows across the country, making headlines and always stating they were from Hamilton. Books have been written about them and when Frank died people across the country, knowing him personally or not mourned. Those are the facts. Tom and Madeline's idea was to establish Hamilton as a Music Town, we offer and have always offered fantastic musicians and this was supposed to be the start and not the whole. The Victoria Park area was definitely not the best time in Franks life, I am wondering if the proposal had been put to the citizens of West Hamilton, particularly the Westdale area, if it not have been welcomed with more open arms. The members of the band are all from West Hamilton, they thrived there. But I believe all this controversy and actually disgusting and slanderous comments have just gone to show me, maybe this city doesn't really deserve it. It's a shame...the concept was good, it would have eventually been good for Hamilton...but hey let's not let anything like that happen...

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