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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted April 18, 2014 at 13:48:45

I find in many neighbourhoods local issues fly under the radar until something big blows up. I can think of something similar happening on Queensdale, up on the mountain, with bike lanes, which no one knew were coming until we got a flyer telling us that a trial project would be starting.

You're fortunate that you at least have a community council that seems to publish newsletters and have a website. I'm sure they try their best to report on what's going on, but it's probably run by volunteers, so I would try not to be too critical of them.

The only comment of yours I thought was odd was the refusal of a private meeting because it would be "unethical". People meet privately with their Councillors all the time to give them feedback on plans, and to discuss personal issues. I don't think you should view it as unethical. Often times a face to face meeting is the best way to discuss things quickly and resolve them amicably.

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