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By Ron (anonymous) | Posted July 31, 2007 at 17:31:00

In the past month I've experienced:

-as a pedestrian getting yelled at by a cyclist while crossing at a stop sign - to "watch where the #### I was going" as he sped through the intersection without stopping.

-as a driver, having to slam on my brakes in order not kill a cyclist (in pro gear) running a stop sign (where I had none) and getting "the finger" as my reward.

-as a pedestrian on the Mac campus, seeing two cyclists collide as the both ignored stop signs.

-as a driver, stopping at a stop sign with a cycle lane on my right. Turning right and having a cyclist nearly plow into my fender at full speed (no intention of stopping for the stop sign - at the east entrance to McMaster University)... with her cursing the whole time about her perilous situation...

Making the cycling laws a little more lenient won't necessarily help. Cycling is great and I'm sure it's the minority that cause the problems - but until we can enforce the laws we have (on cyclists) I don't see a point in tuning them for cyclists.

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