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By Frank. (anonymous) | Posted July 31, 2007 at 12:30:21

Sean, multiuse paths aren't meant for commuting and as such aren't designed for 20km/h bike travel. I designed about 10km of the Greater Niagara Circle route along the Welland Canal. Roads can't be designed for cyclists from an economic standpoint. Any construction company will back this up: the most expensive part of construction is earth movement. In order to properly build a road for a cyclist, grades would have to change because sight distances are much different. I agree with the part about not racing past cyclists and then turning right or stopping. I've never seen it happen but I can imagine it does. I'm not even sure that changing road geometrics would help that. That's a mental problem. Society has the "every second counts" mentality when in reality if you arrive at work at the right time or 2 minutes late, you're still late. It's much better to plan to be early. If more people did that, there wouldn't be such a rush. The same goes for the false sense of security. However, a bike lane gives a place for a motorist to look for a cyclist. Caution should also be taken from both sides of the coin. Cyclists need to watch for drivers and vice versa. Mutual consideration is part of sharing the right of way.
Jason, Centennial doesn't even have a sidewalk along the East side (the side most used by pedestrians) except in front of the Food Basics plaza. I can't wait til the RHCE is built. I'm hoping that the City will take the intiative at the time and change that road. Not only is it poorly designed but it's just plain ugly.
On a side note, anyone know what's going on with the former "gentemen's" club on the east side of Centennial by Crabbys? It's getting used as a truck stop right now but that place is nasty!

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