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By jayrobb (registered) | Posted April 08, 2014 at 10:40:54

So how about a 30 to zero awareness campaign? (playing off the usual 0 to 60 in 7 seconds message used to sell cars)

I can think of a few local creative shops and media partners that could do a very good job with this kind of a campaign.

Zero pedestrians hit by cars is our goal.

30 km / hr in neighbourhoods is the way we'll reach the goal.

Enlist the support of drivers, including some high profile Hamiltonians (including our political leaders). Have us take and sign a pledge. Slap 30 to zero on bumper stickers and windshield signs. Put signs up in the neighbourhoods & storefronts.

Only need a minority of drivers to sign up and get on board.If I drive 30 km through Westdale, Locke Street or James North, the cars behind me have no choice but to slow down and do the same.

Ease off on the facts, stats and studies. Aim for the heart rather than the head. Make 30 to zero personal and emotional. Tell us stories about the kids and seniors who live in our neighbourhoods. Who cross the streets to get to school, go to the library and the grocery store. Remind us what matters most.

Catch and reward responsible drivers in the act. Team up with BIAs. Give me a free Chuck's Burger for stopping to let a family cross Locke Street and I'm a happy camper.

When we get behind the wheel, we're still parents and grandparents. There's nothing we wouldn't do or sacrifice for our kids. And I'm willing to bet that includes easing off on the accelerator, lending our support to a 30 to zero campaign and making Hamilton the best place to raise a child.

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