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By myrcurial (registered) - website | Posted April 07, 2014 at 12:13:52

A bigger question that I haven't seen asked is the "why the variability in our roads?"

-- 1930s era 2-lane residential streets near Kenilworth & Main are 50km/h, 4-lane Kenilworth south of Main is 40km/h.

-- new residential suburbs on the south mountain have 'complete streets' - wide boulevards, bike lanes (painted, not protected), wide lanes, paint that lasts more than a month and 40' pitch houses. Any time the lower city wants complete streets, suburban councillors vote down. (Don't get me started on downtown Ancaster)

-- the city purchases vehicles (buses, large service trucks) that are nearly the same width as the lanes on Main - doesn't see the irony/danger of the #10 passing the #1 by using two lanes of the 5.

I'm just so tired of the insanity.

And the "we're Hamilton, we don't deserve better" that is the constant refrain of the Hamiltonian native - usually in response to someone who moved to Hamilton because they saw the potential that native Hamiltonians refuse to see and actively work to undermine.


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