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Fringe 2016 Review: El Diablo of the Cards

By Susan J. Creer
Published July 18, 2016

El Diablo was intriguing! I still have not worked out how he executed some of his illusions! Many in the audience were in the same position too, not sure how he did them.

The show started with El Diablo in the audience being very welcoming and inviting everyone in. El Diablo was wearing black pants, a bright red shirt with black suspenders, a red clown nose and a black fedora that was very stylish indeed. And, his 'card' tie is tres adorable!

The stage manager was also inviting people to sit around the table on the stage. Many audience members were nervous at that. However, some long-time Fringe attendees know that getting onstage can be enjoyable, even if you are somewhat nervous. As a reviewer, I held back and sat a little higher up so I had a good view of the proceedings.

El Diablo had some lovely preshow 'clown' music playing which greatly lightened the mood. El Diablo very generously allowed another show performer to promote his show and then convinced him and the audience members to "introduce him like rock star," which was a funny play on words as El Diablo's English is not really good. Then the show officially started.

At different points, El Diablo had the audience doing cheers, re-introducing him, helping with the card tricks and then trying to work out the illusion. El Diablo pretended to 'teach' the audience but still managed to confound.

When a missing card turned up in a lemon that was cut open, I had concerns about how one man in the audience was going to react!

El Diablo's show is very definitely family-friendly, so do not be afraid to take children of all ages to see his show.

S. J. Creer. B.A. Susan has been volunteering since she was a teen. She is a community advocate with a focus on disability and poverty concerns. Her background includes professional speaking, theatre (professional and community), writing (op/ed, blogging, Linkedin), teaching, event planning.


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