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By Ryan Klamot
Published December 28, 2012

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We are in a time where Canadian citizens are fed up with politicians who say one thing and do another. This is quite evident: at the low levels of voter turnout and high levels of apathy, and at the general public's discourse and attitudes toward politicians from their Prime Minister to city councillors.

More than ever, citizens feel disenchanted and betrayed by the officials they elected to represent them in the first place. What can we do to begin to make a difference?

RateMyGovernment.ca is a citizen-driven, grassroots political tool that serves four core purposes:

  1. To be Canada's first political-based social network- by providing a uniquely structured central platform for discussion, debate, and interaction for users across Canada.

  2. To engage citizens in a political process many have become disenchanted with because they feel their politicians and governments have neglected to properly represent their interests.

  3. To hold elected officials responsible- for both the good and bad things they do while in office.

  4. To function as a feedback and measurement tool to gauge the general public's opinions on government services/programs, policies, and attitudes toward politicians on all three levels of government.

The features of the side are divided up into two main components:

  1. Specially formulated rating and comment systems for politicians in Canada going from the Prime Minister down to city mayors, representing all three levels of government. Also, users can rate federal programs/services and basic municipally-provided services for the first time ever!

  2. A social networking platform and Community that are fully loaded with features including:

    • Private email and user accounts where you can post your resume, history of political involvement, and as much or as little personal details as you want

    • Discussion and debate forums - where you can even discuss changes you would make to Canada if you were running the country!

    • Pages where users can congregate and network according to their university, political party affiliations, geographic locations, and more

    • Fun tools and educational resources

In the Hamilton page, for example, users can review Mayor Bob Bratina as well as municipally provided services from transit to parks/recreation.

Ryan Klamot is a lifelong Hamiltonian, recent university graduate, and entrepreneur and business owner. His company, Klamot Global, in partnership with Netfuel, a Toronto design agency, recently launched RateMyGovernment.ca across Canada.


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By Sweat-Free Democracy (anonymous) | Posted December 28, 2012 at 10:51:53


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By Author's Review (anonymous) | Posted December 31, 2012 at 05:31:24

Here's the author's review, for all to see:

>>Reviewed by Ryan Klamot November 21, 2012
Last updated: November 25, 2012
Top 10 Reviewer - View all my reviews
Hamilton.... where to begin

I`ve lived and grown up in Hamilton since I was three.

As a city, it is getting quite run down, especially the once prestigious downtown core. The state Gore Park is in is just tragic. Hamilton is sadly lacking much of an economy and unfortunately that also brings other variables into play like higher-than average rates of crime, drugs, prostitution, etc.

Hamilton`s transit is decent, some of the drivers are characters though. And not in a good way. Its parks could use some work and improvement (Ottawa has the best parks in my opinion), but Gage Park is always nice in the summer. No complaints with services like waste collection or policing.

Also, I must mention the serious traffic flow problem that Hamilton has in the east end, during rush-hour. The area around Centennial and Barton to the Red Hill is always a nightmare, you would think with the construction of the Red Hill a few years ago, we wouldn`t have these problems. Wasn`t the entire purpose of The Red Hill to alleviate traffic congestion?

Something has to be done with the congestion in the east end. The area is way over-crowded and evidently, not planned the best.

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