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Letter: We Need to Move Forward on Light Rail

By Letter to the Editor
Published July 06, 2011

To All Members of Hamilton's City Council,

I'm writing this note to you as a small business person in downtown Hamilton who has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Light Rail Transit in the city. After having an office on Spadina Street in Toronto for several years, I moved our small publishing company here. I love the city, and am very happy to have made this change.

But I can tell you that having street cars on Spadina brought incredible foot traffic and business to the street I worked on. The impact on business there could not be overstated. Empty storefronts filled up before our eyes, and office rent keep going up. Beautiful new developments went up. Historical buildings were restored.

All of this would also happen in Hamilton, where people have already overwhelmingly spoken out in favour of light rail.

We need to move forward on this, not stumble around until we lose all our chances at funding from the provincial government. I'm sure there is another municipality out there who would love a chance to improve their transit if we pass on this opportunity.


Noelle Allen
Wolsak and Wynn

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