Jobs Prosperity Collaborative Supports West Harbour

By RTH Staff
Published August 05, 2010

The Jobs Prosperity Collaborative has come out in support of the West Harbour location, sending this letter to Mayor Fred, Bob Young, and Premier McGuinty:

Open Letter to: Mayor Fred Eisenberger - Bob Young - Premier Dalton McGuinty

RE Pan Am Stadium Location - Hamilton

On August 10th, Hamilton City Council will decide on a location for the Pan Am Stadium. That decision will have far reaching consequences. The once-in-a-lifetime investments to be made in the Games by the citizens of Ontario and Hamilton hold the promise of a stronger, more prosperous and sustainable community for all.

Sustained prosperity for Hamilton requires a broad based strategy that recognizes the complex nature of the problems we face. This means that the proposed Pan Am investments must be made in accordance with a larger strategy for community development if we want to see a sustained benefit for our city.

The Jobs Prosperity Collaborative (“JPC”) is a community group of leaders who are passionately committed to promoting our prosperity through job creation and retention. The JPC is on record as supporting the west harbor site for the Pan Am Stadium. Our support was premised on our belief that investing in this site aligns well with a broader strategy for community development and prosperity.

The current process considering alternate sites raises some concerns for the JPC. While the debate has been vigorous and engaging, it has also been sadly divisive for what is such a wonderful opportunity. We also note the current process of mediation has excluded all but one stakeholder, albeit an important one. In this regard, the JPC does acknowledge the significant commitment made to our community by Mr. Bob Young and his family. We are thankful for everything Mr. Young has done for the City and the Ti-Cats.

Nonetheless, as the current process unfolds, the JPC will remain focused on what is best for this community as a whole. On August 10th, we intend to offer our best advice to Council on the location for the Pan Am Stadium taking into account the information anticipated in the forthcoming staff report.

While the stakes have been made high and the climate hurried, JPC’s advice will continue to rely on the 7 principles approved by Council in February of 2010. Those principles dictate that the stadium investment should be made so as to:

  • Be a “City Building” initiative, with an overall goal of sustainable growth in prosperity;
  • Align with the Council approved 2010 Corporate Priority Plan;
  • Embrace a precinct planning and development approach;
  • Have regard to and take advantage of the community development opportunity on the current site and broader precinct of Ivor Wynne Stadium;
  • Leverage Provincial and Federal public investments and other public policy objectives for the City;
  • Leverage private sector investments;
  • Align with other key city building initiatives underway in the City.

On August 10th, let us all measure our approach against these seven principles. The JPC is passionate about a prosperous future for everyone in Hamilton. We encourage the inclusion of all Hamiltonians and look forward to moving ahead with the Pan Am Games.


Mark Chamberlain


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By jason (registered) | Posted August 05, 2010 at 14:40:57

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I would vote Mark Chamberlain for mayor in a heartbeat. The guy is so bang on and really seems to care about our community. This is a stellar letter and should be considered very important in the eyes of council.

By the way, kudos to the entire JPC group. I'm not meaning to ignore the rest, just stating my respect for Mark.

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By LotusLand (anonymous) | Posted August 05, 2010 at 15:35:07

Isn't this the millionaire who disagreed with the Maple Leaf jobs coming to Hamilton?

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By Truthteller (anonymous) | Posted August 05, 2010 at 18:12:59

Mark Chamberlain is a respected member of this city. It's the group he heads that is a bit of a gabfest and that is the problem. In fact the JPS is a money losing proposition that has hired the ex Burlington staffer who can't get eonough consulting in Burlington but is making loads of money in Hamilton thanks to Fred and Rob McIsaac. At least he should move his office to hamilton

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By Concern (anonymous) | Posted August 05, 2010 at 22:14:28

This is going to be interesting next week. Can't believe it all, shocking. To think that these folks think a stadium and a two week event will turn things around is simply amazing. I've lost all confidence in this group. Talk about sucking and blowing at the sametime.

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