Articles from March, 2019

The Act and Art of Writing
Listen to the 35-minute talk by Margaret Lindsay Holton.
by Margaret Lindsay Holton
Published March 22, 2019 in Events (1 comment)

What All the Fuss is About: James Street Baptist Church, Round 2
The minor variance process has become a political tool that developers can use to go around the community, and even the City's bylaws, in order to work out their own arrangements behind the scenes.
by Cameron Kroetsch
Published March 05, 2019 in Special Report: Heritage (1 comment)

Review: Company by McMaster Musical Theatre
McMaster Musical Theatre's production of "Company" features a talented cast with some very strong ensemble and solo singing.
by Daniel Gariépy
Published March 05, 2019 in Reviews (0 comments)

The people at McMaster Children's Hospital are saving one child at a time and we don't know what the impacts will be. Lilly might save the world.
by Kevin Somers
Published March 05, 2019 in Commentary (1 comment)

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