Articles from December, 2018

2019 Wish List: Reinstate the Basic Income Pilot
With precarious employment the norm these days, social safety nets like BI provide the financial stability parents need to plan for the future and to raise their children out of poverty.
by Doreen Nicoll
Published December 31, 2018 in Healing Gaia (0 comments)

City Must Restore Bicycle Lanes to Locke Street Reconstruction Plan
Since this $4.4 million project is a 'once-in-a-generation' complete rebuild, right now is the time to make sure that Locke Street becomes a destination that people can easily and safely get to.
by Kevin Love
Published December 27, 2018 in Special Report: Cycling (0 comments)

New Unprotected Bike Lanes on Gage North of Dunsmure
There is a very serious safety issue with the bicycle lane being obstructed by the door zone of adjacent parked cars.
by Kevin Love
Published December 13, 2018 in Special Report: Cycling (6 comments)

Contact Your City Councillor or Trustee, Current Edition
Easy contact information for your municipal representatives.
by RTH Staff
Published December 01, 2018 in Politics (8 comments)

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