Articles from January, 2018

Loblaws 'Gift' Card Paltry Compensation for Years of Price-Gouging
When billionaires hurt poor families, none of them ever pay a meaningful cost.
by Michael Nabert
Published January 30, 2018 in Commentary (0 comments)

Nothing Unfair About Brown's Fall from Grace
Presumption of innocence is a legal term referring to criminal charges. In civil matters, we evaluate allegations based on the balance of probabilities.
by Ryan McGreal
Published January 29, 2018 in Ontario Election 2018 (29 comments)

Social Media is Destroying Democracy
I used to think better communications technology would help more people to understand and support principled activism. A year on Facebook has taught me better.
by Alice Smith
Published January 26, 2018 in Commentary (5 comments)

The Privatization of Beauty in City Building
People are drawn to beauty, even in the harshest of places. And when we are drawn to beauty we are drawn to each other.
by Maureen Wilson
Published January 19, 2018 in Commentary (4 comments)

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