Articles from February, 2011

We Need Better Oil Price Journalism
The public must confront and understand the forces that drive global oil markets if we are to move beyond nonsensical and counterproductive reactions to higher pump prices.
by Ryan McGreal
Published February 28, 2011 in Special Report: Peak Oil (69 comments)

Area Rating Presents Opportunity For Leadership And Consensus-Building
Conclusions of citizens' forum presents City Council and Mayor Bratina with an opportunity to heal the community by resolving a difficult issue.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published February 27, 2011 in Special Report (52 comments)

Bittergirl, Grateful Man
Bittergirl is the cleverly intertwined tale of three women playing off one male actor, who represents all their exes and excesses.
by Kevin Somers
Published February 25, 2011 in Reviews (8 comments)

The Cobbler's Children
Perhaps the time to start learning is now, because if shoe-making is any indication, the ramp-up time for these skills may be uncomfortably long, and our leisure to learn them is surprisingly short.
by Jason Allen
Published February 23, 2011 in Hardy to Zone 6 (27 comments)

Winter Cycling in Hamilton in One Easy Step
Riding a bike in a Hamilton winter doesn't require extra equipment or special clothing. An old-fashioned general-purpose bicycle lets me bike all winter long without doing anything special at all.
by Kenneth Moyle
Published February 20, 2011 in City Life (24 comments)

We Missed The Show
New ideas can flourish again if we are reverent about our past.
by Paul Vicari
Published February 19, 2011 in Commentary (35 comments)

Sometimes Nothing is Better Than Something
It's time to do away with Councillors' discretionary spending budgets.
by Graham Crawford
Published February 18, 2011 in Commentary (42 comments)

Sister Mary Patrick and Prose for Publication
Strong feeling isn't enough to communicate effectively on a topic about which one feels passionately.
by Michelle Martin
Published February 17, 2011 in Belonging (14 comments)

Hardy to Zone 6
Instead of focusing our efforts on how to hunker down and just 'survive' the challenges we know are ahead, can we please have a conversation about how we can prosper and thrive?
by Jason Allen
Published February 16, 2011 in Hardy to Zone 6 (8 comments)

Citizen Journalism: The Rewards and Risks
A little research and some simple guidelines will let you write worry-free articles for your favourite community news web site.
by Mark Richardson
Published February 14, 2011 in Media (48 comments)

Gangsters and Rolly Rockets
Rolly's is a great place. It's local, independent, clean, and unpretentious. The prices are fair, the beer is cold, the service is good, and the food is great.
by Kevin Somers
Published February 13, 2011 in Entertainment and Sports (33 comments)

What is the Fate of the Old Revenue Canada Building?
It's great that we want to preserve the friezes on 150 Main Street West, but what about the building itself?
by Ryan McGreal
Published February 11, 2011 in Special Report (107 comments)

The Day Our City Joined Hands
January 31 was a day that our Council sent a unanimous message to our city. I truly believe that in the end, the Great Stadium Debate brought us all closer.
by Larry Pattison
Published February 10, 2011 in Special Report: Pan Am (78 comments)

Local Ownership and Hamilton's Economy
Ultimately, only locally-based businesses with roots in the community will provide the benefits we wish to see from commerce and trade.
by Undustrial
Published February 10, 2011 in Opinion (54 comments)

Three Music Reviews: Carmen Townsend, Common Grackle, Theset
I've been feeling guilty lately about not having time to write reviews of the new music I've received.
by Ryan McGreal
Published February 08, 2011 in Reviews (4 comments)

What Would We Do If...?
Stock your canned goods, and your candles, and your source of heat - but more importantly, have the 'what if' conversation while it's easy to have it in a calm, rational way.
by Jason Allen
Published February 03, 2011 in Hardy to Zone 6 (29 comments)

It's Time: CBC Investment in Hamilton
We are heartened to see the CBC's renewed commitment to increasing local radio service in under-served regions like Hamilton, but the work is not over yet.
by Sonja Macdonald
Published February 02, 2011 in Media (76 comments)

Hamilton Groundhog Day Storm Coverage
Raise The Hammer will provide live coverage of the upcoming winter storm in Hamilton.
by Joey Coleman
Published February 01, 2011 in Local News (38 comments)

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