Articles from August, 2009

Hamilton CarShare to Launch Fleet of Cars
The Hamilton CarShare Advisory Committee members and their fellow members at Grand River CarShare form a non-profit cooperative of ambitious, enthusiastic, and, hardworking volunteers who know that carsharing works.
by Les Szamosvari
Published August 31, 2009 in Commentary (1 comment)

Pirate Party Manifesto: Reform Intellectual Property Laws to Protect Freedoms
The Pirates are the kind of party our old guard could take pointers from: new image, in-touch and bluntly honest.
by Chris Erl
Published August 31, 2009 in Commentary (10 comments)

Hounds Hunt for Hamilton Off-Leash Parks
It doesn't seem like too much to ask that all Hammer-folk can walk to a park and let their dogs off-leash legally.
by Lindsay Soomet
Published August 31, 2009 in Commentary (34 comments)

Convince Me to Be Car Free
Some simple ideas on how we can achieve the City's goal of 100 rides per person per year by 2020 (or at least in my lifetime).
by Alasdair Rathbone
Published August 30, 2009 in Commentary (13 comments)

The Fast Romantics: Self-Titled Album
Frankly, I'm astonished that no other band had already scooped up this band name, which immediately and unmistakeably evokes exactly those musical influences that the band works so hard to channel.
by Ryan McGreal
Published August 27, 2009 in Reviews (2 comments)

Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound: When Sweet Sleep Returns
The dynamic tension between the band's space rock tendencies and the tight song structures that bound those tendencies makes for a taught, energetic listen.
by Ryan McGreal
Published August 27, 2009 in Reviews (0 comments)

The New Purveyors of Received Wisdom
Common sense has its place, and indeed a valuable role to play, in our day-to-day existence.
by Michelle Martin
Published August 25, 2009 in Belonging (3 comments)

Only on VIA
I have a warm spot for VIA Rail. I'm not sure why. Sure they're useless, but they're earnest. They're earnestly useless.
by Ben Bull
Published August 21, 2009 in Accidental Activist (7 comments)

Seeking Balance in Canadian Copyright Law
We need a new copyright model. Artists, musicians, film-makers, all deserve to be compensated for their work, but the public's rights must also be respected.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published August 20, 2009 in Digital Kayak (9 comments)

Time to Ban Corporate Donations to Municipal Campaigns
Developers generally get the candidates they want elected into municipal office - and they get the policy decisions they want as well.
by Ryan McGreal
Published August 18, 2009 in Editorial (20 comments)

Jacked! Connecting Crime with Poor Planning
Upper James has all the characteristics that attract criminals: poor lighting, fast-moving traffic, wide-open spaces with few permanent residents and a very feeble sense of community.
by Chris Erl
Published August 15, 2009 in Commentary (17 comments)

Making World Cities Sustainable
Unleashing and channeling the forces of change, after a long period of imposed, uniform and standardized economic and social choices, is a key opportunity for achieving democratic, voluntary and sustainable change.
by Andrew McKillop
Published August 15, 2009 in Special Report: Peak Oil (0 comments)

Jane Austin and Jar-Jar Binks?
All is not lost, you teachers and parents of teenage boys. Simply look up the actors and actresses who play in popular sci-fi movies and stories and find out their more, well, highbrow roles.
by Michelle Martin
Published August 08, 2009 in Belonging (0 comments)

Integrity Commissioner Report on Clark: Leak was Politically Motivated, Violates Code of Conduct
George Rust-D'Eye concluded that Clark's action in leaking a recording served no public interest, was politically motivated, and violated the Code of Conduct.
by Ryan McGreal
Published August 07, 2009 in Special Report: Integrity Commissioner (9 comments)

The Bike-Car Non-Conundrum
We don't need to guess about a cycling policy. We need only decide what our goals should be, study the available evidence and implement the policy that achieves our goals.
by Ryan McGreal
Published August 07, 2009 in Special Report: Cycling (24 comments)

Things to Do in Hamilton When You're Unemployed
Strange to think of a place like this just being occupied by dead people. It could never happen in Toronto. A century crypt like this is just too tantalizing as real estate. You could sublet it in a heartbeat.
by Mark Fenton
Published August 06, 2009 in Photo Essay (9 comments)

State of the Unions
I'm glad Toronto is finally getting back to work, but I can't help feeling that the whole exercise has put another nail in the union coffin.
by Ben Bull
Published August 04, 2009 in Accidental Activist (22 comments)

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