Articles from May, 2009

On Belonging
We go places, we see things, we do stuff – and sometimes we complain about what we did or saw. But are we really engaged?
by Michelle Martin
Published May 29, 2009 in Belonging (2 comments)

Twitter Me Stupid
Don't kid yourself or your kids: texting isn't talking; an email is not an embrace; Facebook isn't face to face; and families don't bond on phones.
by Kevin Somers
Published May 29, 2009 in Entertainment and Sports (4 comments)

Banning Daycares: Gentrification Goes Amok in Toronto
How do we preserve our housing variety and urban fabric, while still encouraging revitalization and vibrancy in a sustainable manner?
by Jason Leach
Published May 28, 2009 in Downtown Bureau (10 comments)

How OPEC Can Save the World Economy
Facing the double reality of resource depletion and climate change - needing a global response in which the energy exporter countries must play a leading role - makes global cooperation for Energy Transition a new obligation.
by Andrew McKillop
Published May 27, 2009 in Special Report: Peak Oil (0 comments)

Interview: Ajax Mayor on Sprawl, Developers, and Sustainable Growth
Ajax Mayor Steve Parish answers questions about Durham's sprawl-friendly regional plan and what it will take to make regional planning more transparent and sustainable.
by Ryan McGreal
Published May 27, 2009 in Interviews (10 comments)

Chasing Innovation in Film and Television
Today's network television business model is doomed. Hamilton has a chance to grow an economic cluster around a new business model for TV production and distribution.
by Ryan McGreal
Published May 27, 2009 in Special Report: Creative City (3 comments)

Paying Lip Service to Provincial Growth Plans
A developer hopes to get council approval to convert highway accessible employment lands to a new big box complex on a technicality.
by Don McLean
Published May 26, 2009 in Commentary (11 comments)

Clogged Drains and Emo Swoops: A Family Tracklist
I thought David Bowie was cool always and everywhere, but apparently opinions are divided.
by Michelle Martin
Published May 25, 2009 in Belonging (4 comments)

Minnan-Wong's Driving Defence: An Ingeniously Self-Fulfilling Plan
Toronto Councillor Minnan-Wong argues that because the car is the most viable way to travel - given Council's lack of investment in alternatives - we should continue to invest in our roads other modes somehow become available.
by Ben Bull
Published May 23, 2009 in Accidental Activist (15 comments)

Can Hamilton Become a Centre of Innovation?
The opportunities that have the best long-term prospects are not warehouses in the middle of nowhere, but a dense, healthy downtown that mixes uses, welcomes artists, leverages the university and college, and brings creative people together to solve probl
by Ryan McGreal
Published May 19, 2009 in Special Report: Creative City (42 comments)

Don't Just Blame Council
How might our advocacy differ if we treated government not as an entity in and of itself, but rather as the platform on which the struggle between different community interests takes place?
by David Van Beveren
Published May 18, 2009 in Commentary (4 comments)

Escaping The Strip
The strip is the tightly controlled stream of products offered to us under the guise of choice - the mothership of cloned box stores, food chains and movie theatres that suck the unsuspecting locals of their individuality.
by Darren Kaulback
Published May 15, 2009 in Raise a Little Green (6 comments)

So How's That Enforcement Working For You?
When policy goes up against human nature, policy loses every time. Successful policies work because they are designed to accommodate what people are going to do anyway.
by Ryan McGreal
Published May 14, 2009 in Special Report: Walkable Streets (37 comments)

Subsidized Sprawl Servicing a False Economy
If suburban homes are no longer affordable once their prices reflect the actual cost of servicing, that suggests the logic of greenfield development is actually a false economy.
by Ryan McGreal
Published May 12, 2009 in Editorial (7 comments)

Post Events to RTH Event Listing
Registered RTH users can now post their own events to the RTH event listing.
by Ryan McGreal
Published May 12, 2009 in Site Notes (7 comments)

New RTH Comment Voting System
The purpose of comment scoring is to encourage and reinforce civility, respect, and intellectual honesty in commenting.
by Ryan McGreal
Published May 11, 2009 in Site Notes (22 comments)

Overcoming Our Own Worst Enemy
For once let's rediscover our ambition and work together, with real public input, to help bring an NHL team to Hamilton.
by Trey Shaughnessy
Published May 11, 2009 in Politics (9 comments)

On Being at the Mercy of Your Online Profile
The internet has many wonderful aspects and uses, but the inclusion of a little more wisdom, and respect for human dignity is surely a good and necessary thing.
by Michelle Martin
Published May 07, 2009 in Belonging (9 comments)

Must Have More
Why is it that no one in the mainstream talks about the fact that we live on a finite planet with finite resources?
by Darren Kaulback
Published May 07, 2009 in Raise a Little Green (8 comments)

I'm Kind Of With Merulla on This One
Those ideas that really can transform the city are coming not from the usual suspects but from the grassroots.
by Ryan McGreal
Published May 05, 2009 in Editorial (34 comments)

Natural Justice and School Safety
Bullying needs to be dealt with immediately, forcefully, with the full weight of school board policy and law - even in its earliest stages, even if it hasn't yet become physical.
by Michelle Martin
Published May 04, 2009 in Belonging (8 comments)

Wash Your Hands Already
There's just no excuse for health care workers not to wash their hands close to 100 percent of the time, all the time.
by Ryan McGreal
Published May 01, 2009 in Editorial (7 comments)

Community Cooperation Brings Carsharing to Hamilton
Following a Canadian tradition of carsharing, Hamilton residents have come together to add the service to the city's transportation mix.
by Janet MacLeod
Published May 01, 2009 in Events (11 comments)

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