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A poem by Kevin Somers.

By Kevin Somers
Published January 08, 2009

Imagine the world run by hippies
Everyone stoned and playing with Frisbees
For a while it'd be fun
But nothing gets done
By a bunch of really stoned hippies

Imagine the world run by yuppies
Incurable debt would be a disease
Bags of silver and golden bars
Worthless next to platinum cards
And hunting hippies is sport for yuppies

Imagine a government not corrupt
A political system you could trust
The greatest nations of our time
More and more like organized crime
Democratic yes, but direly corrupt

Imagine the world under our feet
Billions of people with nothing to eat
While millions of others who're overweight
Assume a rather particular gait
Because too much mass will mess up one's feet

Imagine a poem that didn't rhyme
Arguably it's a waste of time
While others say that free verse
Is so much better and rhyming is worse
And focus more on the rhythm

Imagine a poor Liverpudlian
Who grew to be world-loved musician
A Beatle who just wanted peace
Was shot four times in the streets
Where he died, the poor Liverpudlian

Kevin Somers is a Hamilton writer.


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