Fiction and Poetry

Hamilton Mulch

A poem by Thomas Wilson.

By Thomas Wilson
Published January 18, 2008

1.The downtown stinks, heard that before?
Through broken windows and open doors
We called the core Victorian rot
But hey that's the best stuff for the flower pot

You gotta see hope when you see decay,
and don't throw that compost away.
What'll happen to that brick, that escarpment clay?
Dust to dust and we waste away.

Now, I ain't saying that rot don't stink?
Got fumes that make your aching stomach sink,
But there's a holy steam, there in decay
A deep musty smell, that breathes in the clay
So open up your nostril open up your eyes.

2. There's rich loamy soil in them brownfields
So mix your paints and spin your wheels
For those who think there's no hope in art
Walk down James Street North, yes that's a start.

Read on James of the trials of love
How the rich flower falls to the sun above
John's revelation got rivers of rust
But there's new earth below for this city street dust.

Now I ain't saying that dust ain't dry.
Blows off the streets bringing tears to your eye.
But there's a holy wind, blowing the debris
A deep musty smell, of rain on the breeze
So open up your nostril, open up your eyes.

3. Broken windows are for open eyes
They give you a chance to look inside
And spray paint reveals that primitive lust
To turn rock into art by spitting out dust.

Old King William's dead and gone,
Queen Victoria watches on.
Who was the artist that cast that clay?
It's a piece of shit, but it's here to stay.

Now, I ain't saying that shit don't stink
But there's good things that manure can bring
There's a holy spirit, there in decay
A deep musty smell, that breathes in the clay,
So open up your nostril open up your eyes.

Bio: Thomas Wilson is songwriter in Hamilton. He released a CD in 2007 with his wife Sarah, entitled Long Songs and Sinner Ballads. His music can be heard on his MySpace page. He also runs a songwriting workshop in downtown Hamilton called Forge.


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