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Pet Dreams

A poem by Kevin Somers.

By Kevin Somers
Published November 08, 2007

I know little of this
And less about that

But I do know one
Very hard fact

When I die
If I come back

Not this again
Please, next time that:

Friendly but distant
Clever but daft

Sleeping and eating
Til comfortably fat

I'll come when I want
To sit on your lap

And when I poop in the house
You won't get mad

So not a dog again
Please, next time a cat

The one who lives here
Or the one in the hat

Kevin Somers is a Hamilton writer.

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By USATomorrow? (anonymous) | Posted November 10, 2007 at 17:54:14

I don't want to come back as one of those abandoned cats that we see around Malls & restaurants.

What kind of disgusting person dumps an animal?

Why could they not either find a new home,or locate a Rescue that 'might' have a space, take the cat into the SPCA, or even have it euthanised at the Vet's office if nothing else was possible. Anything may be better than starvation, freezing to death, or dieing alone on the road after being crushed by a vehicle.

If spay & neuter were cheaper, perhaps things like this wouldn't happen as often?

If people put a little thought into it before obtaining a pet, things would be better for themselves & the pet.

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