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Think You Know Your City?

A Hamilton Photo Series on Skyscraper Page highlights just how beautiful our city really is.

By Jason Leach
Published December 13, 2006

I periodically follow the musings and entries on Skyscraper Page. It's a world-wide forum regarding city development, issues and photos.

Hamilton is well represented by a loyal group of forumers who scour the city in search of exciting news and then post their findings on this site. The result is usually lively discussion and many passionate opinions on our great city.

Over the past couple of months one of the forumers has developed a Hamilton photo series in which he has walked various neighbourhood and districts of Hamilton snapping pics and giving online tours of our city to the world.

King Street East (Photo Credit: Skyscraper Page)
King Street East (Photo Credit: Skyscraper Page)

I was compelled to take this issue of City Life to direct you to this photo-series and help you gain a new appreciation for how rich and vibrant our city is.

Along with that, think of the future. How it would be to see these many urban neighbourhoods full of shoppers, cyclists and patios full of coffee drinkers and people-watchers?

There's no reason why our city has to continue hollowing out the urban core in order to subsidize the devastating suburban sprawl off which our builders love to get rich.

Our city, with some proper urban investment - such as a top-notch transit system - could be a bustling, vibrant place to live.

The people who built Hamilton knew what they were doing. It's amazing to read the responses at the end of each photo-tour of people from around the world who are discovering Hamilton through this photo series.

James and Main (Photo Credit: Skyscraper Page)
James and Main (Photo Credit: Skyscraper Page)

As you'll see, most folks are very shocked and enthused at what they see on these pages. Our city leaders have spent so much time trying to turn us into a faceless region like Peel or York that most folks outside of Hamilton have no clue that such well-developed, architecturally rich, walkable neighbourhoods exist in our city.

I encourage all city leaders - political, tourism and business - to go through this tour and check out the great photography of "flar" as well as the fabulous responses from people who could be potential guests or business investors in our city if given the opportunity.

This link will take you to the series finale. At the end of the photo-tour you'll see the other links to each neighbourhood tour.

Thought you knew your city? You'll be happily surprised at what you're about to see.

Jason Leach was born and raised in the Hammer and currently lives downtown with his wife and children. You can follow him on twitter.


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By Hammer Town (anonymous) | Posted December 13, 2006 at 17:55:32

Hi jason
I have seen this phot thread and look at it often. It is truly amazing how great the Hammer is. Good article topic.

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By Joe (registered) | Posted December 14, 2006 at 01:02:45

Everyone should take note of picture 41 of Main St. West, where the only view we've had (at least in my memory) is facing East, thanks to one-way madness. Notice the view of our beloved escarpment we've been missing out on. What a shame.

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By aaron (registered) | Posted December 14, 2006 at 01:06:54

Hey thanks for introducing the photos to a wider audience. Hamilton has some great urban neighbourhoods that many other cities can only dream of!

-aaron (aka flar)

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By Hammerhead (registered) | Posted December 14, 2006 at 08:37:48


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