Comment 99387

By Tybalt (registered) | Posted March 29, 2014 at 13:27:02 in reply to Comment 99351

Troll, sure. Whatever floats your boat.

I've seen it all the time; I used to use that crossing daily because I commuted to Toronto and would be dropped off the bus home at Columbia College there. (I live on Haddon Ave.) Now, it's more like once a week.

I can assure you, the traffic WHIPS along that section of the road, and cars failing to yield are extremely frequent. I would say that it's 50/50 whether a car will let you cross the slip-road is you are waiting in the pedestrian island.

In fact, as far as Main West literally today I was walking with my kids home from Churchill Park and we crossed Main Street West at Haddon. My older son (who is 10) looked at me while we waited for the light and said "I hate this street. It's too noisy. The cars go by too fast."

And yes, I'm on that road quite literally every day.

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