Traffic Calming Changes to Slip Lane at Queen and Aberdeen

Ryan McGreal, Published November 17, 2017
A bumpout has been added on the north edge of the slip lane to discourage speeding into the slip lane, and the wedge of raised curb on the intersection side of the slip lane has been widened to create a neckdown for cars turning onto Queen.
Special Report: Walkable Streets

Creating a Permaculture Garden

Adam Chiaravalle, Published November 17, 2017
A team of volunteers has begun the work of converting a backyard into a permaculture garden of perennial vegetables.
Special Report: Climate Change

I AM Affected Campaign Follow-up

Doreen Nicoll, Published November 17, 2017
The hope is to undertake the process of healing settler and Indigenous relationships through public sharing, apology, and commemoration that acknowledge and redress past harms.
Healing Gaia

Review: Into the Woods at Drury Lane Theatre

Daniel GariƩpy, Published November 17, 2017
This dynamic and delightful new production of the Stephen Sondheim classic is sure to please even the most discriminating of palates.

Motion to Convert Queen to Two-Way Amid Regular Traffic Carnage

Ryan McGreal, Published November 08, 2017
Councillor Whitehead's motion would refer the two-way conversion of Queen to the 2018 Capital Budget process.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 9 Comments

Southwest Ontario Bike Summit

Kevin Love, Published November 02, 2017
Representatives from several southwest Ontario municipalities got together in London to share ideas on how to promote cycling.
Special Report: Cycling

Tuck: 'Remove Incompetent Management Team'

Eric Tuck, Published November 02, 2017
ATU 107 president calls for a change in management for the HSR to deal with the high rates of illness, injury and burnout behind the crisis of absenteeism and missed bus routes.
Special Report: Transit | 6 Comments

New Life for Long-Delayed Queen Street Conversion

Ryan McGreal, Published October 31, 2017
The status quo on Queen Street is both dangerous and pointless for everyone in its current configuration: motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, commuters and local residents alike.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 6 Comments

This is What Happens When You Don't Protect Bike Lanes

Ryan McGreal, Published October 27, 2017
The inevitable frequent presence of parked vehicles blocking the Bay Street lanes will act as a serious deterrent to a great many people who might otherwise be willing to use them.
Special Report: Cycling | 7 Comments

Block-by-Block Preview of Bay Street Bike Lanes

Ryan McGreal, Published October 24, 2017
The design is far from perfect, but it's pretty nice to finally see a continuous, two-way bike connection between Aberdeen and the Waterfront.
Special Report: Cycling | 12 Comments

Becoming a Mommy Flaneur

Maureen Wilson, Published October 23, 2017
Cities have been designed with the needs of men in mind, for a time when women did mostly unpaid work and community work. Women have different transport needs, but these realities are not reflected in our city building efforts. Why not?
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 2 Comments

Bay Street Bike Lane Installation

Kevin Love, Published October 23, 2017
The design for the Bay Street bike lanes is a significant improvement over the status quo, but continues to discriminate against over 90 percent of potential cyclists.
Special Report: Cycling

I AM Affected Campaign Launch

Doreen Nicoll, Published October 13, 2017
To help settlers understand the ongoing effects of the Residential School System on survivors, their families, their communities and Canadian society, Hamilton Community Legal Services is launching the I AM Affected Campaign.
Healing Gaia

New Stone Church Parking Makes Bike Lanes Less Safe

Ryan McGreal, Published October 10, 2017
In the new design near Upper Paradise, the bike lane widths have been narrowed from five feet to four, and the westbound bike lane now runs right through the 'door zone' of any cars parked on the curbside.
Special Report: Cycling | 3 Comments

Water Blessing: Reconnecting with History and Responsibility

Doreen Nicoll, Published October 10, 2017
An hour-long celebration organized by Wellington Water Watchers and the Unitarian Congregation of Guelph had me seeing water in an entirely new light.
Healing Gaia

What's in a Name: Buildings

Trey Shaughnessy, Published October 10, 2017
Most cities have a difficult time with changing the names of their civic amenities.

Walrus Talk on Aging and Mobility

Jason Allen, Published October 06, 2017
The messages were generally hopeful and forward-looking, and all the speakers were clearly experts in their fields, it just would have been nice if they had addressed the topic at hand.
Events | 1 Comment

Enbridge Case Against Todd Williams Obscures Deeper Legal Principles

Mary Love, Published October 06, 2017
For true justice, we need deep structural change so that such issues can be resolved for the benefit of courageous land and water defenders and the affected community at risk, not for the profit margin of rich corporations.
Commentary | 1 Comment

Lessons from Vancouver on Easy Ways to Improve our Cycling Network

Jason Leach, Published October 06, 2017
With some modest improvements, we can continue to increase our modal shift to cycling as it has already begun in the past few years.
Special Report: Cycling | 2 Comments

Politicians Blocking Engaged Citizens on Social Media is Still Censorship

Maureen Wilson, Published October 06, 2017
While the medium may have changed, the intent has not. The landscape of time is riddled with the efforts of the few trying to block the freedom of the many.
Commentary | 3 Comments

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