Television City Development Part of a Successful, Growing City

Jason Leach, Published March 20, 2018
I honestly never expected that someone would propose such a fantastic urban housing project in our core in my lifetime. But I really never expected that it would be my city administration that would turn it down.
Downtown Bureau | 9 Comments

Overcoming Central Hamilton's Nature Deficit Disorder

John Bacher, Published March 20, 2018
The absence of singing birds, frog choruses, forests and wetlands in downtown Hamilton contributes to negative rage, boredom and hatred. Such hellish conditions give vent in nihilistic rock-throwing.
Downtown Bureau

Le Nuit de Glace by Hamilton Aerial Group

Mackenzie Kristjon Jenkyns, Published March 20, 2018
The costumes were significantly interesting, the beautiful and clearly technically challenging aerial work sufficiently entertaining, and the music well-executed that any confusion in the abstractions of the storyline didn't matter.

Planning Staff Recommend Denying Television City Proposal

Ryan McGreal, Published March 19, 2018
The project is consistent with provincial planning directives and the city's own Official Plan, but staff argue the design is incompatible with its surroundings.
Downtown Bureau | 46 Comments

Hamiltonians Want Responsible Change and a Liveable Downtown

Cameron Kroetsch and Shawn Selway, Published March 19, 2018
The City's adoption of a blanket 30-storey height limit for downtown Hamilton is a significant break from previous discussions with the community.
Downtown Bureau | 10 Comments

A Train to Inclusion?

Lil Blume and Stephen Dale, Published March 19, 2018
Lil Blume and Stephen Dale examine the coming of light rail transit in Hamilton, Ontario, with an eye on the question of how transit planning and the quest for social equality might intersect.

Skewed Media Coverage of Intimate Partner Violence

Doreen Nicoll, Published March 19, 2018
In addition to sensationalizing the murder while downplaying the fact that it involved an intimate partner, the woman who has been slain is often lost in the reporting.
Healing Gaia

Subject to a 'Minor Variance': Another wasted opportunity

Cameron Kroetsch, Published March 09, 2018
Receiving a notice about a minor variance quickly turned from curiosity to mobilization, and it's a lesson in civic engagement that we won't soon forget.

A Kirkendall Resident Responds to the Rioters

Kirkendall Resident, Published March 09, 2018
Like any city, Hamilton has neighbourhoods that need some extra love, but it doesn't mean they should have to stay that way.
Commentary | 14 Comments

The Tower Has Finally Issued a Statement and It's Problematic

Ryan McGreal, Published March 07, 2018
It's easier to throw a rock through a window and feel pleased with yourself for a few minutes than it is to work toward building a better world.
Commentary | 14 Comments

Standing in Solidarity Against Violence

Kevin Love, Published March 07, 2018
The vandals threw rocks at people. It is only through luck that no one was hurt by flying glass.
Commentary | 2 Comments

Police Link Locke Riot to Anarchist Bookfair

Ryan McGreal, Published March 06, 2018
Hamilton Police say they have evidence linking the riot last Saturday night to the event at Westdale Secondary School.
Local News | 1 Comment

After Locke, Reckoning with the Slow Crisis of Inequality and Marginalization

David Crosbie, Published March 06, 2018
Do we care as much about injured, marginalized and displaced people as we care about damaged property?
Commentary | 18 Comments

Gang of Vandals Attacks Locke Street

Ryan McGreal, Published March 05, 2018
30 black-clad, masked vandals smashed windows and lit firecrackers in a path of property destruction down Locke Street.
Local News | 5 Comments

Breaking Down Barriers to Good Food for Newcomers

Erika Parente, Published February 02, 2018
By recruiting more volunteers with a diversity of language and cultural skills, we hope to help other families who are new to Canada find services and connect with their community.
Commentary | 1 Comment

Proposed Inclusionary Zoning Rules too Weak to be Effective

Rob Fiedler, Published February 01, 2018
With the addition of the West Harbour GO and planning underway for the forthcoming B-line LRT, it is crucial for Hamilton to be able to require a minimum percentage of units in new developments be affordable.
Downtown Bureau | 1 Comment

Loblaws 'Gift' Card Paltry Compensation for Years of Price-Gouging

Michael Nabert, Published January 30, 2018
When billionaires hurt poor families, none of them ever pay a meaningful cost.

Nothing Unfair About Brown's Fall from Grace

Ryan McGreal, Published January 29, 2018
Presumption of innocence is a legal term referring to criminal charges. In civil matters, we evaluate allegations based on the balance of probabilities.
Ontario Election 2018 | 33 Comments

Social Media is Destroying Democracy

Alice Smith, Published January 26, 2018
I used to think better communications technology would help more people to understand and support principled activism. A year on Facebook has taught me better.
Commentary | 5 Comments

The Privatization of Beauty in City Building

Maureen Wilson, Published January 19, 2018
People are drawn to beauty, even in the harshest of places. And when we are drawn to beauty we are drawn to each other.
Commentary | 4 Comments

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