Hamilton's Secret Council and the Financial Penalties for Speaking Out

Cameron Kroetsch, Published November 24, 2019
The new councillors elected for the first time in October 2018 have spent the last year fighting for change against an old guard that continues to dig its heels in just to make a point.
Commentary | 2 Comments

The Environmental Urbanist Podcast

Jason Allen, Published November 21, 2019
I have started a new radio program and podcast on environmental urbanism, hosted on 93.3 CFMU on Tuesday afternoons at 1:00 PM.
Hardy to Zone 6

A Recipe For Mass Murder

Kevin Somers, Published November 21, 2019
What drives boys and men to monstrosities, massacres and mass murder?

City of Burlington Shares Options for Official Plan Review

Roland Tanner, Published October 29, 2019
Engaged Citizens of Burlington (ECoB) co-chair Roland Tanner gives his impression of the OP Review options and the engagement the city is undertaking.

Carbon Pricing a Small-Government Solution to Climate Change

Lauren Stephen, Published October 28, 2019
Everyone can reduce the amount of tax they pay by reducing the amount of carbon they use. In the long term, we all stand to benefit.
Special Report: Climate Change | 6 Comments

Alberta's Oil Tantrum Masks a Desperate Cry for Help

Ryan McGreal, Published October 24, 2019
Alberta's entire political economy is built on resource extraction, corporate capture and rampant denial of reality.
Special Report: Climate Change | 7 Comments

AGH Film Festival Review: There Are No Fakes

Doreen Nicoll, Published October 24, 2019
Documentary filmmaker Jamie Kastner chronicles the unraveling of a bizarre fraud ring that not only pirated Norval Morrisseau's Woodlands style of painting, but used violence, drugs, and alcohol to achieve their goals.

AGH Film Festival Review: Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am

Doreen Nicoll, Published October 24, 2019
The fact that Morrison's books can be found in every country around the world is a proof that her writing is unmatched.

AGH Film Festival Review: Pain and Glory

Doreen Nicoll, Published October 24, 2019
This was a fabulous choice to open the 2019 Art Gallery of Hamilton Film Festival and sets an inclusive, loving tone for this wonderful celebration of all things film.

PPC Candidate for Hamilton Centre Promoting Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories

Alton Byrne, Published October 20, 2019
Since the fall of Hitler, most anti-Semites understand that it's not wise to raise "the Jewish Question" directly, so they instead engage in conspiratorial dog-whistles.
Special Report: Extremism

The Staggering Mediocrity of Andrew Scheer

Ryan McGreal, Published October 18, 2019
Scheer never apologizes for anything. Not for his dual citizenship hypocrisy, his homophobia, lying about his résumé, lying about carbon pricing, pandering to Yellow Vest bigots, or anything else.
Federal Election 2019 | 8 Comments

Hamilton is Joining the Extinction Rebellion

Nicole Smith, Published October 16, 2019
When 3-4 percent of the population is actively engaged in nonviolently challenging the regime, it can bring about major change. For Hamilton, that means about 18,000 people. We have a long way to go.
Special Report: Climate Change | 6 Comments

Time for a National Basic Income

Doreen Nicoll, Published October 16, 2019
During this federal election, ask representatives where they stand on Universal Basic Income and tell them it's time to extend this hand-up to all Canadians.
Healing Gaia

Art Gallery of Hamilton Film Festival

Doreen Nicoll, Published October 16, 2019
This year has an amazing array of eclectic films to choose from and many include post-film talks with directors, guest speakers, panelists, and film experts.
Healing Gaia

Remembering the Legacy of Hate as Council Considers Partnering With a Homophobic Political Action Committee

Shawn Selway, Published September 25, 2019
This is a day to call to account those councillors who are pretending to forget the existence of the harm and hatefulness which the rest of us are trying to put well and truly and finally behind us.
Commentary | 2 Comments

Book Review: My Year of Living Spiritually by Anne Bokma

Doreen Nicoll, Published September 25, 2019
Making use of her eagerness to find answers to life's questions yet relying on her reporter's skepticism to remain objective, Bokma invites readers to vicariously experience her 12-month sampling of spirituality.
Healing Gaia

Kanesatake Crisis Still Unresolved 29 Years Later

Doreen Nicoll, Published September 25, 2019
In 1990, Canadians paid $155 million to terrorize Mohawk men, women and children defending their unceded land and protecting their sacred burial ground from development. Their land claim remains unresolved to this day.
Healing Gaia

No Easy Resolution to Burlington's Naturalized Garden Controversy

Doreen Nicoll, Published September 10, 2019
Burlington's by-laws and enforcement culture have not yet caught up with the supportive rhetoric coming from the city's political leadership.
Healing Gaia

A Tale of Two Crosswalks

Cameron Kroetsch, Published September 09, 2019
If the City can't even maintain a rainbow crosswalk from defacement, there's not much hope for rebuilding the badly damaged relationships that currently exist between city leadership and communities threatened by right-wing extremism.
Special Report: Extremism | 1 Comment

Landscaping By-Law Threatening Naturalized Yards

Doreen Nicoll, Published September 09, 2019
Burlington residents are abusing the lot maintenance by-law to harass and bully neighbours embracing ecological landscaping to create naturalized areas.
Healing Gaia

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