Bill Elliott on Light Rail Transit: Investment Is Good for Entire City

RTH Staff, Published May 26, 2016
In a nine-minute address to the Flamborough Chamber of Commerce, a long-time Flamborough resident beautifully articulates the case for supporting Hamilton's LRT plan.
Special Report: Light Rail | 9 Comments

Premier: 'I Honestly Thought That the Conversation Was Done'

Ryan McGreal, Published May 26, 2016
A flustered Premier Kathleen Wynne was "surprised" to learn that suddenly Hamilton City Council is not sure whether it wants the LRT funding it spent the past eight years requesting.
Special Report: Light Rail | 16 Comments

Vranich: Light Rail Uncertainty 'Extremely Concerning' to Developers

Ryan McGreal, Published May 26, 2016
Property developer Darko Vranich calls on Council to move forward with LRT initiative.
Special Report: Light Rail | 26 Comments

McMeekin on LRT: 'There's No Economic Future if You're Disconnected'

Ryan McGreal, Published May 25, 2016
Ontario Minister Ted McMeekin spoke with Bill Kelly on AM 900 CHML about LRT and new rules banning corporate and union donations in elections.
Special Report: Light Rail | 6 Comments

Hamilton is Not a Bedroom Community

Ryan McGreal, Published May 25, 2016
Nearly 70 percent of Hamiltonians work in Hamilton, and another 38,000 people commute into the city.
Special Report: Creative City | 8 Comments

Stills in Motion: Spring Out Like a Lion

Dave Harrison, Published May 24, 2016
Wooden doorway in central Hamilton.
Stills in Motion

How Councillors Have Voted on Light Rail Transit

Ryan McGreal, Published May 24, 2016
Vote breakdown on all major LRT votes since 2011 vote asking for confirmation of Provincial funding.
Special Report: Light Rail | 1 Comment

Letter from LiUNA Local 837 Supporting Light Rail Transit

RTH Staff, Published May 24, 2016
Decrying loud naysayers and Council's tendency to over-debate matters, the letter calls on Council to think rationally and move forward.
Special Report: Light Rail | 5 Comments

Answers to All Your Light Rail Transit Questions

RTH Staff, Published May 20, 2016
Grand list of responses to every serious question that has been put forward about Hamilton's light rail transit plan.
Special Report: Light Rail | 36 Comments

Extreme Librarian: Margaret Houghton, One of Hamilton's Most Valiant Civic Defenders

Margaret Lindsay Holton, Published May 20, 2016
Margaret Houghton has not only expanded the extensive library holdings over the years, but she seems to retain, with what appears to be a photographic memory, most of that voluminous collection in her head.
Feature | 4 Comments

How Payday Lenders Trap Borrowers in Cycle of Debt

RTH Staff, Published May 20, 2016
The problem lies in predatory behaviour which would be absolutely condemned, at least publicly, by the head offices of these outfits but in fact are reinforced in the form of pay raises, bonuses and promotions.
Commentary | 7 Comments

Remembering WHY Hamilton and the Province Chose Light Rail Transit

Ryan McGreal, Published May 19, 2016
Without LRT, we are stuck with a stock of infrastructure we can't afford, a band of under-performing urban properties, and a cost/revenue model that puts us $200 million further into deficit each year.
Special Report: Light Rail | 18 Comments

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