Taking Hamilton's Cycling Network to the Next Level

Jason Leach, Published July 29, 2015
The City of Hamilton is currently reviewing the Cycling Master Plan as part of its Transportation Master Plan review. Here are my two cents.
Special Report: Cycling | 10 Comments

Good Food Isn't Cheap, Cheap Food Isn't Good

Doreen Nicoll, Published July 29, 2015
We benefit from low-priced food today at the expense of our food security tomorrow. A country that cannot feed itself risks losing self-determination.
Healing Gaia | 5 Comments

Olivia Chow Wants My Support

Ben Bull, Published July 29, 2015
Chow's decision to leave her federal seat and run for Mayor cost a million dollars. Now she wants to run as an MP again?
Accidental Activist | 15 Comments

Book Review: Travellers Without Tickets, Freedom and Equality at No Cost: A Social Experiment in Aubagne

Nicholas Kevlahan, Published July 28, 2015
Too often we feel trapped in conventional ways of thinking. Aubagne shows us to think first of the public good, and then get creative on how to achieve it.
Reviews | 2 Comments

A Narrow Focus Leads to Wide Streets

George Sweetman, Published July 27, 2015
If we are to move forward in Hamilton and make real change, we must be willing to address our specific concerns in the broader context of a liveable city.
Commentary | 37 Comments

The 10/10/10 Project And Rowing With Aaron Jan

Kevin Somers, Published July 25, 2015
Two large and really talented contingents have come to Hamilton to perform at The Fringe with Aaron Jan, which speaks volumes about what to watch and whom to watch out for.
Entertainment and Sports | 1 Comment

Neighbours Working Together: A Dialogue on Intensification

Greg Tedesco, Published July 24, 2015
If communities are going to engage in the planning process around intensification, a broader discussion needs to continue around what intensification means and how to keep citizens involved so we have a meaningful say in future developments.
Special Report | 7 Comments

Achieving Target Residential Density Around the West Harbour GO Station

Dan Botham, Published July 24, 2015
We should look to the opportunities presented by midrise four to six storey buildings and the positive benefits they can bring to our neighbourhood.
Downtown Bureau | 29 Comments

Trail from John Street to Claremont Could be Great

Martin Zarate, Published July 23, 2015
With some serious TLC, this trail could be an excellent active transportation connection up and down the escarpment.
Special Report: Cycling | 16 Comments

Uber Ridesharing Service Launching Today in Hamilton

Ryan McGreal, Published July 23, 2015
The fast-growing upstart taxi service launches in Hamilton today at 2:00 PM, despite a Council warning that it will charge Uber with violating the City's taxi regulations.
Local News | 16 Comments

What's So Funny About The Fringe?

Kevin Somers, Published July 23, 2015
A love of comedy and laughter is universal, but what touches one's funny bone is as distinctively unique as a fingerprint.
Entertainment and Sports

Community Supported Agriculture Feeds a Caring Society

Doreen Nicoll, Published July 23, 2015
CSAs help create the sense of stewardship in consumers that is needed to protect rural lands and farm families.
Healing Gaia

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