Hamilton is Finally Ready to Embrace the Future

Jason Leach, Published May 27, 2015
Quite simply, you get the city you plan for. Hamilton is about to join the ranks of those cities who are open to everyone, not just short-cutting car drivers.
Special Report: Light Rail | 16 Comments

Cycle Hamilton Wants Your Cycling Feedback

Johanna Bleecker, Published May 27, 2015
As part of Cycle Hamilton's initial activities as a central voice for the cycling community, we're collecting input from cyclists on routes they love, hate, or want to improve via an interactive map.
Special Report: Cycling

This is What a Feminist Looks Like

Doreen Nicoll, Published May 27, 2015
There has always been a segment of the male population that has openly supported and promoted gender equity. What's needed now is wholesale buy-in.
Healing Gaia | 6 Comments

Hamilton Gets YES for an Answer

Nicholas Kevlahan, Published May 26, 2015
Premier announces up to $1 billion to build a light rail line in Hamilton and $150 million for a GO train extension to Centennial Parkway in Stoney Creek
Special Report: Light Rail | 10 Comments

Liberals Announce $1 Billion Funding Commitment for LRT, GO Expansion

Ryan McGreal, Published May 26, 2015
Full capital funding for an LRT line running between McMaster and Queenston Traffic Circle with a link to the waterfront and expanded GO service to Stoney Creek.
Special Report: Light Rail | 16 Comments

Liberals to Announce Rapid Transit Funding for Hamilton

Ryan McGreal, Published May 25, 2015
Phased LRT, a spur connecting the James North GO Station and expanded GO service to Stoney Creek are expected in today's announcement.
Special Report: Light Rail | 16 Comments

Anti-LRT Letters Demonstrate Need for Public Engagement

Ryan McGreal, Published May 25, 2015
With the imminent announcement of LRT funding, the first order of business for the City is to elevate the level of a public debate mired in fear and misinformation.
Special Report: Light Rail | 14 Comments

Hamilton's Choice: Endless Induced Traffic or Transit-Oriented Development

Ryan McGreal, Published May 25, 2015
We quite simply can't afford to keep approving and building low-density sprawling developments and servicing them with ever-widening highways and streets, which generate yet more low-density development.
Special Report | 27 Comments

Native Women's Voices Silenced by Federal Government

Doreen Nicoll, Published May 21, 2015
It's not only time for an inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women, it's also time for an enquiry into why services benefiting this marginalized segment of society are being cut.
Healing Gaia | 1 Comment

Federal Law Gives Council Power to Order Move of West Harbour CN Yard

Joey Coleman, Published May 20, 2015
The cost of relocating the Stuart Street CN yard is significant, the timeline is likely to be nearly a decade, and funding will require focused leadership at the local level.
Feature | 9 Comments

Power and Control: Sexual Assault Reflects Social Norms

Doreen Nicoll, Published May 20, 2015
Men who rape are not mentally ill or sexually depraved but rather ordinary men with a desire to exert power and control.
Healing Gaia | 9 Comments

Six Essential Steps to a Successful Retirement

Daniel Pelc, Published May 20, 2015
Your retirement dream should be personalized to your wants and needs, but there are certain key elements that should be adopted by everyone's retirement philosophy.

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