Ford's Education Cuts Impacting Supply Teachers

Doreen Nicoll, Published February 07, 2020
Normally, occasional teachers would eventually move into long-term occasional positions before being considered for a permanent contract. But that's not happening any more.
Healing Gaia | 12 Comments

Glaring Shortcomings in Anti-LRT Op-Ed Recommending E-Bus Fleet

John Loukidelis, Published February 02, 2020
A dense city, served by a first-rate transit system, is an essential part of any attempt to tackle GHG emissions. The LRT was meant to move the city in that direction.
Special Report: Climate Change | 1 Comment

Art Gallery of Hamilton: 2020 AGH Film Series

Doreen Nicoll, Published February 02, 2020
The Art Gallery of Hamilton Film Series runs on select Wednesdays and Thursdays until May.
Healing Gaia

Yet Another Anti-LRT Op-Ed Based on False Claims

Sean Hurley, Published February 02, 2020
The proposal to replace Hamilton's transit fleet with electric buses would consume the proposed $1 billion in provincial capital without adding a single route, bus stop or passenger and would cost more to operate.
Special Report: Light Rail

Voice Your Support for Connecting the Hunter Street Cycling Gap

Jay Krause and Chelsea Cox, Published January 15, 2020
Making it easier and safer for people to cycle to transit is a key part of reducing costly traffic congestion and addressing the climate emergency.
Special Report: Cycling

Who Changed the Total for Hamilton's LRT Project Cost?

Ryan McGreal, Published January 14, 2020
The third-party cost summary actually finds Hamilton's LRT fits within the Treasury Board-approved 30-year budget.
Special Report: Light Rail | 2 Comments

Yes, You Can Shop on a Bike

Ryan McGreal, Published January 14, 2020
Being an effective City Councillor requires humility to recognize you don't know everything, openness to others' lived experience, imagination to see possible alternative futures, and compassion for people who aren't exactly like you.
Special Report: Cycling | 8 Comments

Making Light of Service Animals Hurts People Who Really Need Accommodations

Carolyn Boutin, Published January 14, 2020
Mayor Eisenberger needs to lead in a way in which he considers how his actions affect Hamiltonians, not just his own interests.

Mulroney's Hamilton LRT Numbers Just Don't Add Up

Ryan McGreal, Published January 07, 2020
None of the detailed numbers in the Minister's six-page LRT cost breakdown add up to the totals.
Special Report: Light Rail | 1 Comment

Bus Rapid Transit Won't Have its Time

Sean Hurley, Published January 05, 2020
There are three challenges that face transit expansion in Hamilton that are each defeating and together fatal: project timelines, area rating, and an abject failure of political leadership.
Special Report: Light Rail | 7 Comments

A Sobering New Year's Message

Michael Nabert, Published January 05, 2020
We can always choose to be on the side of those trying to prevent catastrophe instead of those stamping on the gas pedal to get us there faster.
Special Report: Climate Change | 4 Comments

Light Rail an Important Step Toward Restoring a Sacrifice Zone

Sean Hurley, Published December 24, 2019
The B-Line LRT is not an end in itself but the beginning of a larger public infrastructure project connecting all of Hamilton with a transit network.
Special Report: Light Rail

Taking a Hammer to Steeltown

Ryan McGreal, Published December 23, 2019
The entire process in which the Ontario Government cancelled Hamilton's LRT project has been profoundly unfair to Hamilton.
Special Report: Light Rail

Tell Premier Ford to Fix Mulroney's Mistake and Get Hamilton LRT Back on Track

RTH Staff, Published December 23, 2019
We need your help to call on Premier Ford to fix Transport Minister Mulroney's mistake and get Hamilton's LRT back on track!
Special Report: Light Rail

Transportation Investment Requires Equity

Cameron Kroetsch, Published December 23, 2019
It's our responsibility to ensure that Hamilton remains a place that Hamiltonians can continue to live in, no matter their economic means.
Special Report: Light Rail

There is No Billion Dollars

Ryan McGreal, Published December 19, 2019
Don't be distracted by the dubious promise of $1 billion in stocking stuffers: there is no money without the transformative public investment to generate the money that will pay for it.
Special Report: Light Rail | 2 Comments

Hamilton Deserves Fair Treatment on LRT Investment

Ryan McGreal, Published December 19, 2019
Hamilton is being treated differently than every other Ontario city that is receiving transformational rapid transit investment, based on spurious numbers that have no clear provenance and conflate capital and gross operating budgets.
Special Report: Light Rail | 1 Comment

Councillor Nann: Reject LRT Cancellation, Ask Feds for Funding

Ryan McGreal, Published December 17, 2019
The Ward 3 Councillor is requesting an emergency Council meeting to reject the Provincial cancellation or the Hamilton LRT project and to request federal funding.
Special Report: Light Rail | 2 Comments

Councillor Wilson Requests Ontario Government LRT Cost Analysis

Ryan McGreal, Published December 17, 2019
Hamilton's Ward 1 Councillor has requested a copy of the 'third party analysis' that formed the basis for the Ontario Government's sudden decision to cancel the Hamilton Light Rail Transit project.
Special Report: Light Rail | 1 Comment

Province Abruptly Cancels Hamilton LRT

Ryan McGreal, Published December 17, 2019
With no advance notice, the Ontario Government abruptly canceled Hamilton's light rail transit (LRT) project yesterday, citing absurdly over-inflated budget overruns.
Special Report: Light Rail | 2 Comments

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