LRT Environmental Project Report Answers a Lot of Council's Quesions

Craig Burley, Published April 26, 2017
Council has already agreed, contractually, with Metrolinx to forward the Environmental Project Report Addendum in order to seek Environment Ministry approval for the LRT plan.
Special Report: Light Rail | 3 Comments

Letter: Great Leaders Make Decisions Based on Big Picture

Tyler Pearson, Published April 26, 2017
Being able to look beyond the minutiae and see the bigger picture is what many of the world's best leaders are known for and has always being a primary catalyst for getting things done.
Special Report: Light Rail | 7 Comments

Hamilton Has a Political Communications Problem

Andrew Richardson, Published April 26, 2017
Hamilton has a hard time with large civic projects. A major part of the problem is the city’s inability to manage political communications.
Commentary | 3 Comments

Podcast: Fast Forward Hamilton Waterfront

Stephen Dale, Published April 26, 2017
The city's reanimated shoreline has become one of the key attractions of the new Hamilton. But the process is not over and there are vexing questions about what the future will bring.

Restoring the Rules of Order in a Time of Procedural Chaos

Cameron Kroetsch, Published April 25, 2017
At the literal end of the day, we cannot expect beleaguered and exhausted councillors who have been put through marathon meetings, week after week, to have the ability to work together and to make good, clear, and effective decisions.
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Born in Beasley: A History of the Hamilton Community Land Trust, Part 3

John A. McCurdy, Published April 25, 2017
'Hamilton's story of change is still being written, and this is not a community that will stand by and let it be written for us.'
Special Report: Born in Beasley

Benefits of B-line LRT for Hamilton's Suburbs, Explained by Councillor Lloyd Ferguson

RTH Staff, Published April 25, 2017
'My sense of hearing them talk is that they're focusing in on micro issues, when we should be dealing in this right now from a macro perspective. You know, jobs and dollars.'
Special Report: Light Rail | 5 Comments

What You Can Do Between Now and Wednesday

RTH Staff, Published April 25, 2017
Once we get through this hurdle, we can renew our focus on ensuring that all Hamiltonians are able to understand the vision behind this project and the many benefits we will all be able to enjoy.
Special Report: Light Rail

Wisterium Music

Kevin Somers, Published April 25, 2017
After a long and strict adherence to script, Wisterium Music is going off on unpredictable, lovely, flowering musical tangents and offshoots.
Entertainment and Sports

A Selection of Citizen Statements Supporting Light Rail Transit

RTH Staff, Published April 25, 2017
Council's vote is not just for or against the LRT project. It is for or against thousands of citizens who have time and again expressed their unreserved support for this critical project.
Special Report: Light Rail | 5 Comments

Stop Line 10 Pipeline

Doreen Nicoll, Published April 24, 2017
Stand in solidarity with Todd Williams in his peaceful protest against Enbridge. Show your support for Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination. Stand up for your community and your environment.
Healing Gaia

Province Clarifies Yet Again That LRT Funding is for LRT, Not Whatever Hamilton Feels Like This Week

Ryan McGreal, Published April 24, 2017
It is simply false to claim that Hamilton can turn down LRT and still hang onto the money in a placeholder until we decide what we want to do with it.
Special Report: Light Rail | 10 Comments

Letter: Dundas Needs Strong Leadership to Support Light Rail

Debbie Chamberlain, Published April 24, 2017
As a community, we need our Councillor to have the vision and strength to set the course for a healthy and prosperous future. LRT is an essential step toward this.
Special Report: Light Rail | 3 Comments

Province Should Commit to Eastgate Funding

Ryan McGreal, Published April 24, 2017
Once again, Hamilton needs the Provincial Government to step in and protect us from our own pettiness, short-sightedness and kneejerk fear of change.
Special Report: Light Rail | 5 Comments

From the Outside In: An Insider's Outside Perspective on LRT and Hamilton Communities

Jaimie Rizzo, Published April 24, 2017
Hamilton is bursting with opportunity to take our community to the next level, but we need to seize those shining moments that will change the face of our city.
Special Report: Light Rail | 2 Comments

Letter: We Need LRT to Move Hamilton Forward

Margaret Ferizis, Published April 24, 2017
Having come from Toronto, and lived through a few transit strikes, I can tell you it's the drivers who scream the loudest during a transit strike.
Special Report: Light Rail

City at High Risk of Financial Liability if Council Cancels LRT Implementation: Report

Ryan McGreal, Published April 24, 2017
If Council cancels the already-approved LRT Plan, local taxpayers are likely on the hook for tens of millions of dollars in money already spent and committed to the project.
Special Report: Light Rail | 2 Comments

Dreessen to Hamilton Council: Vote Yes on LRT

RTH Staff, Published April 24, 2017
Ottawa architect Toon Dreessen has written a personal letter to Hamilton City Councillors calling on them to vote for 'long-term gain in a great future' for the city.
Special Report: Light Rail | 1 Comment

City of Hamilton participates in Internet Performance Testing

Sarah V. Wayland, Published April 24, 2017
The City of Hamilton has partnered with the Canadian Internet Registration Authority to launch an Internet performance test for city residents.
Special Report: Creative City

It All Comes Down to This Coming Wednesday

Ryan McGreal, Published April 21, 2017
If there was ever a time to speak up and make your voice heard loud and clear, it is between now and the Council meeting on April 26.
Special Report: Light Rail | 9 Comments

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