Vancouver Commits to Zero Traffic Fatalities While Hamilton Stonewalls Even Modest Safety Improvements

Nicholas Kevlahan, Published September 30, 2014
Vancouver's impressive pedestrian safety statistics are not some random effect, but the result of several deliberate policies sustained since 1997 and continued to this day.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 8 Comments

Crosswalk at Hunter and MacNab Deformed to Maintain Automobile Traffic Flow

Ryan McGreal, Published September 30, 2014
After local residents organized to dedicate money to new walkability infrastructure, they are now faced with the prospect of spending another few months trying to get the city to fix the broken-by-design implementation of that infrastructure.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 27 Comments

Architects Endorse Light Rail in Letter to Transport Minister

RTH Staff, Published September 26, 2014
The Hamilton/Burlington Society of Architects just sent a letter to Transport Minister Steven Del Duca calling on the Province to keep its funding commitment for LRT in Hamilton.
Special Report: Light Rail | 67 Comments

An Evening With Transit Activist Benjamin Ross

Ryan McGreal, Published September 26, 2014
His book concludes that more democratic land use planning, combined with strategic investment in high quality rail-based transit, act to transform a city's use of land to create complete, high-quality neighbourhoods that meet a variety of needs.
Events | 8 Comments

Active Transportation Infrastructure Roundup, September 2014 Edition

Ryan McGreal, Published September 26, 2014
Multi-use paths, bike lanes, speed humps, crosswalks and bike share, oh my!
Special Report: Cycling | 18 Comments

Clark LRT Play Highlights Problems With FOI Process

Joey Coleman, Published September 25, 2014
Brad Clark's LRT Freedom of Information request process points to the need for serious FOI reform at City Hall.
Municipal Election 2014 | 14 Comments

Letting Cooler Heads Prevail on Hot-Button Issues (Candidate Submission)

Marie Robbins, Published September 24, 2014
The wonderful enthusiasm of Hamiltonians is at risk of being smothered by City Hall's tedious infighting, chronic delays, and partisanship. With the municipal election rapidly approaching, Hamiltonians have an opportunity to change that.
Municipal Election 2014 | 14 Comments

LRT More Cost Effective to Operate, Attracts More Investment than BRT

Ryan McGreal, Published September 24, 2014
It's clear from some of the comments about BRT that many people are unclear about what it means.
Special Report: Light Rail | 47 Comments

Save The Hermitage

Leanne Pluthero, Published September 23, 2014
With the motion to save the Hermitage passed, the money being raised and the community support, this historic building will be restored and built back up to the free-standing memorable structure it once was.
Special Report: Heritage | 11 Comments

Fundraiser for Documentary About Kenilworth

Michelle Martin, Published September 23, 2014
Alex Djordjevic has launched a Kickstarter campaign to support a documentary that explores the history and potential of Kenilworth Avenue.
Events | 1 Comment

No One Said LRT is a Magic Bullet

Ryan McGreal, Published September 22, 2014
LRT must be contained in a comprehensive strategy that includes land use planning, two-way conversions and street calming - all objectives we have been advocating for years.
Special Report: Light Rail | 46 Comments

Mayoral Candidates Say Hamilton Needs To Supercharge Economic Growth

Meghan Greaves, Published September 22, 2014
From their discussion, it seems as though Eisenberger and McHattie are the leading contenders for achieving the economic development Hamilton needs in order to be a place where people want to live and work.
Municipal Election 2014 | 9 Comments

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