Video: HSR Bus Movements Over a Day

Ryan McGreal, Published November 25, 2014
This short video maps the movement of HSR buses throughout the city over an average day.
Special Report: Open Public Data | 22 Comments

Bugged out by DDT: Matthew Green Trips into the Culture Wars

Sean Hurley, Published November 24, 2014
DDT is so controversial, given its status within the ideological culture wars, that it became the focus of the story, displacing the human interest story Green really wanted told.
Opinion | 17 Comments

Snow, Ice Still on Bike Lanes Two Days After Snowfall - Updated

Ryan McGreal, Published November 19, 2014
Two days after this week's light snowfall, the city's bike lanes are still covered in ice.
Special Report: Cycling | 72 Comments

On November 25, Wear Purple to Mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Doreen Nicoll, Published November 19, 2014
Whether you're a man or a woman, you can show your solidarity to eradicate all forms of gendered violence.
Events | 4 Comments

Hamilton Open Data Jam This Weekend

Kevin Browne, Published November 18, 2014
Open Data Jam is a three-day event bringing together government, developers and citizens to collaborate and accelerate Open Data efforts in Hamilton.

Follow Engineering Standards to Make Durand Streets Safe

Kevin Love, Published November 18, 2014
With numerous grocery stores, banks, libraries, churches, GO station and other destinations within close proximity, Durand should be a healthy neighbourhood with a high walking, cycling and public transit mode share.
Special Report: Cycling | 65 Comments

Our Responsibilities to Young People

Michelle Martin, Published November 18, 2014
Is it young people who have changed over time, or is it the rest of us? Maybe the under-performance we think we see in this up-and-coming cohort is due to Boomer entitlement, not Millennial laziness.
Belonging | 6 Comments

Dead End: Suburban Sprawl and the Rebirth of American Urbanism by Benjamin Ross

Rob Fiedler, Published November 17, 2014
Dead End is an engaging book, appropriately critical of sprawl without being sanctimonious and asking the right questions about why we continue to build sprawl when so many people prefer complete neighbourhoods.
Reviews | 28 Comments

Startup Weekend Makers Edition

Kevin Browne, Published November 14, 2014
Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event where people of all backgrounds come together to pitch ideas, form teams around those ideas, focus on customer development, validating their ideas, and building a minimal viable product.
Events | 1 Comment

Love Your Streets: Hamilton's Changing Transportation Network

Matthew Sweet, Published November 14, 2014
The demand for this session has been overwhelming. As a result, the event is now taking place at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

Demolition Permit for Mount St Joseph Issued During Council Recess

Joey Coleman, Published November 12, 2014
On November 12, 2014, the City of Hamilton informed the Municipal Heritage Committee that Vrancor's King West Crossings Inc. applied for a demolition permit to demolish the heritage interest building at 354 King Street West.
Special Report: Heritage | 28 Comments

Fragmentary New Painted Bike Lanes on Cannon

Ryan McGreal, Published November 12, 2014
New painted bike lanes don't connect to the cycle track and only run for a few blocks.
Special Report: Cycling | 23 Comments

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