People Are Not Stupid: Calgary's Mayor on Making Extraordinary Change

Ryan McGreal, Published October 24, 2014
The core of Naheed Nenshi's political philosophy is that everyday people can do extraordinary things when they are respected and given the information they need to act.
Events | 13 Comments

Challenges to Citizen Advocacy for Healthy Communities

Ryan McGreal, Published October 24, 2014
Notes from a talk I gave at the 2014 Health Summit on Aging, Chronic Disease and Wellness, organized by the Conference Board of Canada.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 3 Comments

Abduction Attempt Sends Shockwaves Through Earl Kitchener Community

Adrian Duyzer, Published October 24, 2014
Yesterday's snatching of a child from a playground is being dubbed an "attempted abduction", but it was essentially a successful abduction, followed by a fortuitous rescue a few minutes later.
Local News | 34 Comments

Why Experience Counts in Run for Public School Trustee (Candidate Submission)

Dawn Danko, Published October 24, 2014
Please read my thoughts on why I believe experience counts in the run for Ward 7 – Hamilton Central Mountain – Public School Trustee.
Municipal Election 2014

Why I'm Running For Ward 1 and 2 Trustee (Candidate Submission)

Christine Bingham, Published October 24, 2014
I feel I can represent Wards 1 and 2 with the eyes and heart of a parent, strengthened with the courage of an advocate to do the right thing for our students.
Municipal Election 2014

Light Rail Transit Infographic

Graeme Douglas, Published October 22, 2014
To be a truly great city, we need a 21st century transportation network that drives our economy and promotes prosperity for every person who calls Hamilton home.
Special Report: Light Rail | 33 Comments

HSR Needs an Independent Commission (Candidate Submission)

Jason Allen, Published October 22, 2014
Hamilton's transit service should be governed by a commission of citizens, transit experts and councillors to shepherd the troubled agency through the coming cultural transformation.
Municipal Election 2014 | 10 Comments

A Proven Community Leader for Trustee (Candidate Submission)

Ed Sculthorpe, Published October 22, 2014
Public education has a direct result on the vitality of a neighbourhood, and it's time for community impact to be weighed heavily against what happens with our schools.
Municipal Election 2014 | 3 Comments

A Bridge Over Troubled Politics

Ned Nolan, Published October 21, 2014
In the upcoming municipal election, I'm going to remember the symbolism of the bridge. I'm going to cheer for the great things that we can accomplish when we work together.
Opinion | 6 Comments

Mayoral Candidates on Two-Way Complete Streets, Cycling, Traffic Fatalities

Ryan McGreal, Published October 21, 2014
Municipal candidates respond to RTH policy questions related to the city's street infrastructure.
Municipal Election 2014 | 21 Comments

Mayoral Candidates on Light Rail Transit

Ryan McGreal, Published October 21, 2014
Raise the Hammer reviews the mayoral candidates' various positions on the City's Rapid Ready LRT plan.
Municipal Election 2014 | 14 Comments

We Need to Reclaim Status As Innovators, Community Builders

Lee Edward McIlmoyle, Published October 20, 2014
We've forgotten our true identity, which was to be always on the cusp of growth and technology. We have a chance to reclaim that if we can just get rid of the knee-jerk reaction to progress and evolution/innovation.
Special Report: Light Rail | 13 Comments

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