Stills in Motion: Niagara Wine Country

Dave Harrison, Published July 25, 2016
Hamilton is the gateway to Niagara, a microclimate nestled between Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment that comprises Canada's largest wine-growing region.
Stills in Motion

Time to go All-In on LRT

Matt Pinder, Published July 21, 2016
LRT will undoubtedly deliver a wealth of benefits to Hamilton, but if we take a lukewarm approach to implementing it, the outcomes of this billion-dollar investment will be less than ideal.
Special Report: Light Rail | 10 Comments

Sherman Hub Community Planning Team Letter to Council on Light Rail Transit

RTH Staff, Published July 18, 2016
Sherman Hub supports city's LRT plan and wants to see a station added at Gage Park.
Special Report: Light Rail | 6 Comments

Say Hello To Hamilton Art, Hamilton

Kevin Somers, Published July 18, 2016
Each of us is an artist. Everyone is, and has, a body of art.
Entertainment and Sports

Stills in Motion: Hope in Barbados

Dave Harrison, Published July 11, 2016
A church in Barbados.
Stills in Motion

Canada Post Corporation's Manufactured Crisis

Ryan McGreal, Published July 07, 2016
The Corporation is threatening to lock its union workers out over declining volumes of mail and parcels that are the direct result of its threat to lock the workers out.
Commentary | 15 Comments

Hamilton Deserves Better than Whitehead's Constant Spiteful Posturing

Ryan McGreal, Published July 05, 2016
Councillor Whitehead compared moving administrative jobs to "raping" his community, then sort-of apologized, then retracted his apology.
Politics | 36 Comments

A Short History of St. John and St. Andrew Presbyterian Churches

Joachim Brouwer, Published July 04, 2016
The stories of St. John and St. Andrew Presbyterian churches in central-east Hamilton are deeply intertwined, going back to the early history of Hamilton, even though the two congregations didn't formally amalgamate until 1984.

Light Rail Transit Station Needed at Gage Park

Mark Rejhon, Published July 04, 2016
The distance between Scott Park and Ottawa LRT station is 1.5 kilometres, one of the largest gaps between stations on the proposed route.
Special Report: Light Rail | 9 Comments

Work Underway for Charlton and Herkimer Bike Lanes

Ryan McGreal, Published June 30, 2016
Staff have started installing bike lanes and new zebra crosswalks on Charlton and Herkimer.
Special Report: Cycling | 22 Comments

Help Spend $1 Million on Safe Streets in Ward 2

Graeme Douglas, Published June 27, 2016
Voting for the PlanLocal Ward 2 Safe Streets initiative ends on Thursday June 30, 2016.
Participatory Budget | 5 Comments

West Harbour GO Schedule Change Will Hurt Ridership

Michael Borrelli, Published June 24, 2016
Service levels matter, and so long as GO Transit insists on running only two poorly-timed trains a day to/from the station on inconvenient schedules, we are bound to see more images of a barren station.
Commentary | 22 Comments

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