'Minor Variance' Would Remove 59 Family Apartments from Beasley

Alexandria Anderson and Michael Borrelli, Published June 28, 2017
The BNA calls upon concerned Hamiltonians to write your Councillor to oppose the removal of family units from Hamilton's apartment buildings and the use of "minor variances" as a loophole.
Downtown Bureau | 10 Comments

Ghostkeeper: Spiritual Explorer and Benevolent Warrior

Doreen Nicoll, Published June 28, 2017
This is a loving Metis family to be reckoned with. Hear their message and spread the Ghostkeeper word.
Healing Gaia

Review: Tara Bursey and Aaron Murphy, Two-Person Show at you me gallery

Mackenzie Kristjon Jenkyns, Published June 27, 2017
Bursey is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is heavily rooted in nature, while Murphy builds digital montages from a large collection of images he has created and acquired.

Storm Water Ponds Support Local Bird Life

Timothy R. Trebilcock, Published June 27, 2017
Storm water ponds are home to a chorus of peepers and frogs, silent snakes, salamanders and many different species of bird.
Commentary | 1 Comment

Review: Canadada: Take Two

Ryan McGreal, Published June 26, 2017
Released in time to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Constitution Act, this album tugs on the messy cultural threads that collectively make up the Canadian tapestry.
Reviews | 4 Comments

It Takes a Village to Raise a Garden

Karl Andrus, Published June 26, 2017
This year is only the beginning of what might become another urban farm within the Hamilton landscape.

Drive In The Drive-in Again

Kevin Somers, Published June 26, 2017
At a regular theatre, good manners preclude the kind of fun you can have at a drive-in.
Entertainment and Sports

Helping Make Change Happen in Stinson Neighbourhood

Adam Chiaravalle, Published June 23, 2017
If we are ever going to turn around climate change, we need to be able to re-learn how to have fun with one another and derive fulfillment from simple experiences.
Commentary | 2 Comments

Durand Neighbourhood Association Celebrates 45th Anniversary with a Party in Durand Park on June 24

Christopher Redmond, Published June 21, 2017
To celebrate what the the community has been able to accomplish over the past 45 years, the DNA is throwing a party in Durand Park to mark the occasion.

Let's Go Dutch Part IX: Intersections

Kevin Love, Published June 21, 2017
Starting with Bay Street, let us use safe intersection design so that all people in Hamilton can also safely travel by bicycle.
Special Report: Cycling | 2 Comments

Meet Me at the Bell Tower

Laura Farr, Published June 21, 2017
Michael Redhead Champagne shares a model of engagement and sharing that understands the need for empowerment through belonging, inclusion and mutual respect.

Let's go Dutch Part VIII: Busy Streets Do Not Have to be Unsafe

Kevin Love, Published June 13, 2017
In a second Transportation Revolution, the people of The Netherlands took back their streets. They changed their city. Here in Hamilton, we can too!
Special Report: Cycling | 5 Comments

A Better Man

Doreen Nicoll, Published June 08, 2017
This remarkable documentary explores the damage caused to both the abused woman and her abusive partner by his acts of violence.
Healing Gaia

You Can't Spell Streets Without Trees

Chelsea Lowes, Published June 07, 2017
As trees are known to reduce the negative impact of pollution on air quality, the city of Hamilton offers a free street tree to eligible properties that make a request for one. However this program is severely underused.
Events | 1 Comment

The Burden to Prevent Needless Traffic Fatalities

Adrian Duyzer, Published June 06, 2017
When Council delays action on pedestrian safety, Council is accepting the burden of needless, preventable deaths.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 5 Comments

It's Not Just About How Much the Rings Cost

Cameron Kroetsch, Published June 06, 2017
For far too long we've allowed toxic masculinity to persist at the expense of women and members of the queer community. The symbol of power that these rings hold and the pervasiveness of that power continues to go unchecked.
Commentary | 22 Comments

Everyone Deserves Safe Streets

Ryan McGreal, Published June 06, 2017
It's great that Councillor Lloyd Ferguson recognizes the value of safe streets in Ancaster. He just needs to extend the same understanding to residents in the rest of the city.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 4 Comments

Crawl Into the Building

Kevin Somers, Published June 02, 2017
Architecture Crawl is back next Friday, featuring five exciting venues: The Boiler Room and the Foundry at Cannon Knitting Mills, the Empire Times Rooftop, and the Co-Motion Studio and Rooftop Patio.
Entertainment and Sports | 4 Comments

Let's go Dutch part VII: Stop Killing Children!

Kevin Love, Published June 01, 2017
In The Netherlands, the kind of rat-running that killed Jasmin Hanif has been systematically eliminated from almost every residential street in the entire country.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 20 Comments

Minimum Wage Increase a Modest But Welcome Policy Change

Ryan McGreal, Published May 31, 2017
Don't let the naysayers and dogmatic opponents of fair labour policy bury this opportunity in fearmongering and overly simplistic claims about "basic economics" or "common sense".
Commentary | 7 Comments

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