No Easy Resolution to Burlington's Naturalized Garden Controversy

Doreen Nicoll, Published September 10, 2019
Burlington's by-laws and enforcement culture have not yet caught up with the supportive rhetoric coming from the city's political leadership.
Healing Gaia

A Tale of Two Crosswalks

Cameron Kroetsch, Published September 09, 2019
If the City can't even maintain a rainbow crosswalk from defacement, there's not much hope for rebuilding the badly damaged relationships that currently exist between city leadership and communities threatened by right-wing extremism.
Special Report: Extremism

Landscaping By-Law Threatening Naturalized Yards

Doreen Nicoll, Published September 09, 2019
Burlington residents are abusing the lot maintenance by-law to harass and bully neighbours embracing ecological landscaping to create naturalized areas.
Healing Gaia

Suzanne Carte Changing Art Gallery of Burlington One Inclusive Show at a Time

Doreen Nicoll, Published September 05, 2019
The AGB is determined to be vigilant and visible in their support of 2SLGBTQIAP by placing critical conversations on gender diversity back into the public education sphere.
Healing Gaia

The Gilets Jaunes: a Reaction to Progressive Urban Design?

Nicholas Kevlahan, Published September 04, 2019
Canada's Yellow Vest movement feeds off some of the same anti-elite and anti-urban identity sentiments as the Gilet Jaune movement in France.
Special Report: Extremism | 3 Comments

No Good Reason to Platform or Sanitize Far-Right Extremists

Ryan McGreal, Published September 04, 2019
We cannot afford for our daily newspaper to play any role, however inadvertent, in the creeping normalization of violent extremist ideology.
Special Report: Extremism | 4 Comments

Note to Education Minister: Correlation is Not Causality

Tom Shea, Published September 03, 2019
What needs changing is the way we as a province conceive of education and educators. We all-too-often value the appearance of success over actual mastery.
Special Report: Education

Road to the Lemon Grove

Doreen Nicoll, Published September 03, 2019
This new feature film, co-written by Charly Chiarelli, is a delightful story made up of a surprising number of layers.
Healing Gaia

The Real Danger is Right-Wing Extremism, Not 'Mass Immigration'

Ryan McGreal, Published August 29, 2019
The radical, extremist right are desperate to gain power by hijacking conservative politics and migrating into the mainstream. It's already happening, right before our eyes.
Special Report: Extremism | 2 Comments

When Art Meets Activism: Love in the Hammer Choir

Dawn Cattapan, Published August 29, 2019
Music is frequently accepted as a common language, and the presence of the Love in the Hammer Choir speaks volumes.
Arts and Music | 1 Comment

Right-Wing Extremism Not Just a 'Saturday Thing'

Laura Babcock and Graham Crawford, Published August 28, 2019
The creative response of the businesses on Ottawa Street was impressive, but why should they have to divide their time between serving their customers and shaming Nazis?
Special Report: Extremism | 1 Comment

Hamilton Failing to Confront Rising Right-Wing Extremism

Ryan McGreal, Published August 27, 2019
Ignoring fascists doesn't make them go away. Bland, generic press releases don't deter them. Calmly treating with them while bringing the hammer down on anti-fascists emboldens them.
Special Report: Extremism | 1 Comment

Now is the Time and Jordan River Anderson: The Messenger

Doreen Nicoll, Published August 27, 2019
This year's TIFF will be premiering two incredible stories of First Nations courage, perseverance and ultimately success.
Healing Gaia

Standing on the Line: On Being Gay and Lesbian in Amateur and Professional Sports

Doreen Nicoll, Published August 26, 2019
This film takes a fresh, often moving look at a variety of lesbian and gay athletes who are working to overcome the stereotypes and prejudices in order to improve life for all athletes.
Healing Gaia

Modern Conservatism Hijacked by Right-Wing Extremists

Ryan McGreal, Published August 26, 2019
It's easy to dismiss Maxime Bernier and his openly racist breakaway party, but the same paranoia and extremist hatred are widespread within the mainstream Conservative Party.
Special Report: Extremism | 2 Comments

Another Burlington Pollinator Paradise Threatened by Anti-Environmental By-Law

Doreen Nicoll, Published August 16, 2019
It's time for the City of Burlington to stop destroying naturalized landscapes and to devise a plan to educate residents on the benefits of getting rid of their outdated, high-maintenance, grass-covered yards.
Healing Gaia | 2 Comments

It's Time to Make Hamilton Safe from Hate

Laura Babcock and Graham Crawford, Published August 15, 2019
Our city's front porch is considered a threatening environment, and our inertia in the face of rising extremism has allowed this threat to grow.
Special Report: Extremism | 6 Comments

'We Have Reason to Believe'

Cameron Kroetsch, Published August 15, 2019
While Hamilton Police continue to make an example of anti-fascist demonstrators, the crisis of escalating white supremacism is on our doorstep and things aren't getting better.
Special Report: Extremism | 15 Comments

City of Burlington Threatens Naturalized Pollinator Paradise

Doreen Nicoll, Published August 15, 2019
Despite declaring a climate emergency, the City of Burlington continues to threaten a property that has been naturalized to sequester carbon and support local widlife threatened with extinction.
Healing Gaia

Standing Against Hate at Hamilton's City Hall

Graham Crawford, Published August 12, 2019
What I saw and heard continue to make me question the judgment used in dealing with marginalized communities by Hamilton Police.
Special Report: Extremism

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