HSR Ten Year Strategy Very Different from What Council Requested

Ryan McGreal, Published March 04, 2015
Council needs to push back on this plan and start asking some hard questions about how the city's transit strategy has drifted so far from what staff were directed to produce.
Special Report: Light Rail | 8 Comments

Don't Let Rapid Transit Be Decided Behind Closed Doors

Ryan McGreal, Published March 03, 2015
Council has an opportunity to demonstrate that Hamiltonians can count on its leadership to ensure that we do not slam the door on the transformative investment we need.
Special Report: Light Rail | 9 Comments

Council Silence on Integrity Report Sends Three Damaging Messages

Laura Babcock, Published March 03, 2015
I do not know what a complete Integrigy Commissioner's report may say about the incident involving Councillor Lloyd Ferguson and Joey Coleman. I would like to find out.
Special Report: Integrity Commissioner | 5 Comments

City Still Treating Transportation and Land Use as Separate Issues

Chris Higgins, Published March 03, 2015
Comprehensive zoning reform to implement transit-oriented development it is the single largest issue still to be overcome if transit ridership is to improve in this city over the long term.
Special Report: Light Rail | 3 Comments

Council Silence on Bullying Incident Hurts Public Confidence

Myke Hutchings, Published March 03, 2015
Council's continued silence shows citizens and taxpayers who expect the City's public areas to be zones of safety from bullying and harassment that this is not the case if the aggressor is a member of Hamilton City council.
Special Report: Integrity Commissioner

Ten Year Transit Strategy: LRT Delayed is LRT Denied

Ryan McGreal, Published March 03, 2015
Remind Council that the only way to transform Hamilton's transit profile is to invest in rapid transit, but the Ten Year Transit Strategy effectively pushes even the beginning of rapid transit construction out beyond the ten-year horizon.
Special Report: Light Rail | 26 Comments

The Council Motion I Would Put Forward

David Harvey, Published March 03, 2015
Here is a way to address the deficiencies with the Integrity Commissioner's report on the incident between Councillor Lloyd Ferguson and Joey Coleman.
Special Report: Integrity Commissioner

Judge's Headscarf Decision Does Not Reflect Canadian Values

Jeff Reid, Published March 03, 2015
I could not believe that in a country with our advanced Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a local judge can use their position to make such a foul statement to the world.
Commentary | 2 Comments

Merulla to Call for Police Investigation in Ferguson-Coleman Incident

Ryan McGreal, Published March 02, 2015
Merulla wants to remove Ferguson from Police Services Board while outside police agency investigates.
Special Report: Integrity Commissioner | 27 Comments

Intensive Behavioural Intervention Therapy and Errorless Learning

Debra Hughes, Published March 02, 2015
Errorless teaching is a great way to improve a child's confidence. I would recommend the training in teacher's college and that it be used by supply EAs and EAs in one-on-one placements.

Integrity Commissioner Should Resign Immediately

Adrienne Havercroft, Published February 27, 2015
The report on Councillor Ferguson's assault tells the public that legitimate complaints about abuse of power will not be taken seriously.
Special Report: Integrity Commissioner | 22 Comments

International Women's Day 2015

Doreen Nicoll, Published February 27, 2015
On March 8, do something special for all of the women and girls in your life. Make sure the issues affecting 52 percent of Canadians are up for debate.
Commentary | 2 Comments

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