Breaking Down Barriers to Good Food for Newcomers

Erika Parente, Published February 02, 2018
By recruiting more volunteers with a diversity of language and cultural skills, we hope to help other families who are new to Canada find services and connect with their community.
Commentary | 2 Comments

Proposed Inclusionary Zoning Rules too Weak to be Effective

Rob Fiedler, Published February 01, 2018
With the addition of the West Harbour GO and planning underway for the forthcoming B-line LRT, it is crucial for Hamilton to be able to require a minimum percentage of units in new developments be affordable.
Downtown Bureau

Loblaws 'Gift' Card Paltry Compensation for Years of Price-Gouging

Michael Nabert, Published January 30, 2018
When billionaires hurt poor families, none of them ever pay a meaningful cost.
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Nothing Unfair About Brown's Fall from Grace

Ryan McGreal, Published January 29, 2018
Presumption of innocence is a legal term referring to criminal charges. In civil matters, we evaluate allegations based on the balance of probabilities.
Ontario Election 2018 | 33 Comments

Social Media is Destroying Democracy

Alice Smith, Published January 26, 2018
I used to think better communications technology would help more people to understand and support principled activism. A year on Facebook has taught me better.
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The Privatization of Beauty in City Building

Maureen Wilson, Published January 19, 2018
People are drawn to beauty, even in the harshest of places. And when we are drawn to beauty we are drawn to each other.
Commentary | 4 Comments

PC Election Platform: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Kevin Love, Published December 27, 2017
There is some truly good news in the PC Party manifesto, but the plan is not without some serious problems.
Ontario Election 2018 | 1 Comment

The Suburban Politics of Hamilton's Ward Boundary Review

Andrew Richardson, Published December 27, 2017
The Flamborough ward controversy and the addition of a new Mountain ward consumed the most conversation during the ward boundary debate. Now that it's settled, there are also significant implications for Hamilton's suburbs in the next election.
Special Report: Ward Boundaries | 1 Comment

Three Poems for the Holidays

Kevin Somers, Published December 25, 2017
Perfectly perfect rhyming rhymes, the Santa notwithstanding clause, and nuts.
Entertainment and Sports | 1 Comment

Another Four Months Down the Drain

Ryan McGreal, Published December 20, 2017
The debate about whether the HSR should operate the LRT was an important one to have. The problem is that it should have happened two years ago.
Special Report: Light Rail | 3 Comments

Behind Closed Doors: Hamilton Continues to Hold Questionable Secret Votes

Cameron Kroetsch, Published December 15, 2017
It is hard to understand how - and even whether - representative democracy is served when Council casts votes in secret meetings that are not recorded.

Compromise Motion to Ensure LRT Workers are ATU Members

Ryan McGreal, Published December 15, 2017
Under the proposal by Councillor Green and ATU President Eric Tuck, Metrolinx would continue the current procurement process but agree that LRT workers will be organized by ATU Local 107.
Special Report: Light Rail | 8 Comments

Joey Coleman and The Public Record Deserve Your Support

Ryan McGreal, Published December 15, 2017
Strong, principled, independent media voices like Coleman's are more important than ever as the epochal convulsion of the global media landscape continues to surge through Hamilton.

OMB Overturns Council's Ward Boundary Vote

Ryan McGreal, Published December 13, 2017
The decision determines that Council's choice fails the test of reasonableness, and imposes Option 2 from the Watson & Associates final report.
Special Report: Ward Boundaries | 1 Comment

Petition to Acknowledge Indigenous History in Canadian Citizenship

Doreen Nicoll, Published December 12, 2017
A new petition calls on the Federal Government to redesign the Canadian Citizenship study guide to acknowledge Indigenous treaty rights and to education new Canadians on the effects of colonialism.
Healing Gaia | 1 Comment

I'll Take Words and Phrases for 800

Trey Shaughnessy, Published December 12, 2017
I'm going to stop you right there and clean up your literary wheelhouse so you can get out of the weeds - those tired phrases are done like dinner.
Commentary | 3 Comments

City Opens Gate Blocking Chedoke Path

Ryan McGreal, Published December 11, 2017
It goes a long way to building and reinforcing trust with the community when councillors and staff are responsive to feedback and make the necessary changes to fix problems and improve our civic infrastructure.
Special Report: Cycling | 1 Comment

'The Law Has Made Him Equal, but Man Has Not'

Maureen Wilson, Published December 07, 2017
When the arc of justice bends ever so slightly in the right direction, those with power position themselves as victims, struggling to keep up with the politically correct zealotry of the 'advocates'.

HLR Urges Council to Continue with Current LRT Procurement Model

RTH Staff, Published December 06, 2017
When Councillors meet on December 18 to formally receive the letter from Metrolinx, the best way forward is to allow the existing procurement process to move forward as quickly as possible so this project can get back on track.
Special Report: Light Rail | 6 Comments

December 6 is National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

Doreen Nicoll, Published December 04, 2017
This should be the day Canadians remind politicians at every level of government that in order to eradicate gendered violence, we need true equality for all women and girls.
Healing Gaia

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