Don't Be So Quick to Dismiss the 'Defund the Police' Argument

Ryan McGreal, Published June 04, 2020
The defund argument is about our priorities as a society. Do we favour harm reduction or retribution? Do we seek to support people in crisis or punish them?

ACCA Statement on Anti-Black Racism and the Killing of George Floyd

RTH Staff, Published June 04, 2020
In too many communities in our country, African Canadians experience racism that is manifested in racial profiling, high unemployment, under-employment, health disparity outcomes and the overrepresentation of African Canadian children in child welfare sys

Time to Rethink Policing

Karen Burson, Published June 03, 2020
Do police responsibilities need to be as wide as they are? Do they actually currently do all of it as well as humanly possible? Could their huge budgets be better invested elsewhere?

Public Inquiry vs. Independent Commission

Eric Coleman, Published June 02, 2020
The Ontario government has announced an 'independent commission' into the state of Long Term Care homes, but only a legally-defined public inquiry can provide the transparency and accountability this crisis demands.
Special Report: COVID-19

Spectator Needs Higher Standards for Published Letters

Brett Lintott, Published June 02, 2020
Our daily paper should turn the letters to the editor into something that can convey the diversity of considered opinion and interpretation of facts in this city.
Anniversary Party | 3 Comments

There Are No Neutral Bystanders to White Supremacism

Ryan McGreal, Published June 02, 2020
It is impossible to be neutrally or passively not-racist in a racist system. You are either working to dismantle the racist system or else you are supporting the continuation of that system.
Commentary | 2 Comments

Bike Share Vote a Destructive, Senseless Act Fueled by Spiteful Politics

Maureen Wilson, Published May 29, 2020
On full display, this Council term is contempt for those calling for a new kind of politics and reordering of public priorities to make Hamilton more resilient and equitable.
Special Report: Cycling | 1 Comment

Bike Share a Victim of Anti-Urban Identity Politics

Ryan McGreal, Published May 28, 2020
Strategy only makes sense if we're all trying to build on our common values and interests, and the zero-sum politics of resentment are antithetical to common values.
Special Report: Cycling | 1 Comment

Precarity in a Pandemic

Karl Andrus, Published May 27, 2020
CERB and other emergency pandemic responses have demonstrated the inadequacy of the social assistance status quo.
Special Report: COVID-19

Sobi: Speaking Volumes about Mobility and Transportation

Cameron Kroetsch, Published May 22, 2020
As we contemplate decisions around safe travel during this ongoing pandemic people will need more options to get to work safely and sustainably.
Special Report: Cycling | 2 Comments

Under the Watchful Eye of Queen Victoria

William Guyatt, Published May 22, 2020
With humour and a gentle smile, Glen invited us to consider the burden of our country's history. He will be missed.

We Need Compassion and Patience With Homeless Encampments

Jill Wiwcharuk, Published May 12, 2020
This pandemic will continue to shine a light on all of the fractured social issues that existed prior to the pandemic. It is up to us to decide how we respond.
Special Report: COVID-19 | 1 Comment

When Poverty Mattered Author Paul Weinberg Interviewed by Jamie Tennant on CFMU

Paul Weinberg, Published April 24, 2020
We talk about how Praxis and the anti-poverty movement were targeted by the RCMP Security Service in what became known as the force's 'dirty tricks' scandal.

Hamilton's LRT Megaproject a Top Candidate for Federal Infrastructure Stimulus Fund

Nicholas Kevlahan, Published April 16, 2020
It would be deeply irresponsible of Council not to work all-out with the Province to put in a winning bid in to the Federal Government to help us build our LRT system.
Special Report: Light Rail | 1 Comment

The Brandon House - In Memoriam

Shannon Kyles, Published April 16, 2020
Let's let Brandon House be not just a tragedy, but the catalyst for change.
Special Report: Heritage | 2 Comments

Creative Exploration of a new Housing Realm for the Missing Middle: the Laneway

Emma Cubitt, Published April 09, 2020
Maybe Hamilton's laneways hold real potential for new ways of living independently yet together.
Special Report: Laneway Housing | 2 Comments

Things You Can Do to Flatten the Curve

Ryan McGreal, Published March 20, 2020
There are two essential ways you can help slow the transmission of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 through the community: personal sanitation and social distancing.
Special Report: COVID-19 | 2 Comments

Reflections on a Pandemic: Where We Are and What It Means

Ryan McGreal, Published March 19, 2020
The only thing I think I can state with any confidence is that anyone who thinks things will go back to normal in a couple of weeks does not understand the gravity of the situation we're in.
Special Report: COVID-19 | 4 Comments

Doug Ford's Policies Have Been a Disaster for Ontario

Michael Nabert, Published March 18, 2020
Ford's attacks on worker protections, public health, housing affordability and disaster preparedness left Ontario less equipped to respond to a public health emergency like COVID-19.
Special Report: COVID-19 | 1 Comment

Light Rail Transit in Hamilton: The Story so Far

Ryan McGreal, Published March 13, 2020
Adapted from notes for a recent talk.
Special Report: Light Rail

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