New Four-Storey Building Planned at 21 Main Street West

Joey Coleman, Published July 03, 2015
Staff report mainly positive but highlights concerns about lost surface parking and the pre-existing plan to widen Main Street.
Downtown Bureau | 9 Comments

Harper Government Rejects National Action Plan to End Violence Against Women

Doreen Nicoll, Published July 03, 2015
When casting your vote this October, choose a candidate who supports a violence-free life for all Canadians.
Healing Gaia | 2 Comments

Hamilton Can Learn From Toronto's Waterfront

Jason Leach, Published June 30, 2015
Despite its flaws, the rapidly developing waterfront down the QEW can teach us a lot about creating great public spaces.
Downtown Bureau | 9 Comments

Victoria Park at Dusk: A Photo Tour

Jason Leach, Published June 25, 2015
Victoria Park is one of Hamilton's gems. It provides quiet sitting areas under beautiful trees, along with a myriad of activities to gain a broad range of users.
City Life | 6 Comments

Review: Human Transit by Jarrett Walker

Gerry Balt, Published June 24, 2015
The author's goal is to give us confidence to form and advocate clear opinions about the kind of transit we want and how that can help create the kind of city we desire.
Reviews | 4 Comments

Speaking Notes from Media Panel

Ryan McGreal, Published June 24, 2015
Speaking notes from my presentation at the first annual Hamilton Independent Media Awards panel discussion on media and democracy.
Media | 10 Comments

Toronto's Queen's Quay Finally Arrives

Ben Bull, Published June 23, 2015
There is now something for everybody: smooth streetcars, lots of pedestrian space, room for cycling, jogging and skateboarding, and space for cars to cruise - albeit more slowly.
Accidental Activist | 13 Comments

Market Fresh: Good Things Taking Root in a Food Desert

Kevin Somers, Published June 23, 2015
The Code Red area in which Market Fresh is located is littered with fast food, junk food, and convenience food, but the neighbourhood was dying for raw fruits and vegetables.
Entertainment and Sports | 3 Comments

Shifting Shifting Gears into Higher Gear

Ryan McGreal, Published June 22, 2015
If we are to get serious about making cycling a viable option for more Hamiltonians, we need to make some significant changes to our Cycling Master Plan.
Special Report: Cycling | 76 Comments

Women's Shelters and Transitional Housing Need More Support

Doreen Nicoll, Published June 22, 2015
Canadians deserve better funding of emergency and second stage shelter services. They also deserve a national housing policy to address affordable and safe housing for all Canadians. The icing on the cake would be a national action plan on violence agains
Healing Gaia | 2 Comments

Survey for Residents of Subdivided Houses

Ashleigh Patterson, Published June 20, 2015
I am working on a research project through McMaster University with the goal of developing a better understanding about the quality of these units and the experiences of people living in this style of housing.
City Life

Intensification Panel Discussion Video

RTH Staff, Published June 19, 2015
Watch the panel discussion on intensification with professor Jim Dunn, planner Dana Anderson, developer Steve Kulakowsky and Planning and Economic Development general manager Jason Thorne.
Events | 16 Comments

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