Print-Your-Own LRT Support Posters Now Available

RTH Staff, Published September 28, 2016
We are very pleased to announce a series of posters for you to post in the windows of your home and business to show your support for LRT.
Special Report: Light Rail | 1 Comment

LRT Opposition and Fear of Change

Michael Nabert, Published September 28, 2016
How far are LRT opponents willing to go to turn their predictions of doom into self-fulfilling prophesies?
Special Report: Light Rail | 29 Comments

1inFour Receives HCF Funding to Help Women in Hamilton Heal from Domestic Violence

Doreen Nicoll, Published September 28, 2016
Thanks to community funding, 1inFour is building bridges between services and clients in Hamilton with the long-term goal of taking their website province-wide.
Healing Gaia

Act Now to Save Parkside High School From Demolition

Shannon Kyles, Published September 27, 2016
Parkside is still standing. No contracts have yet been awarded. If enough people are against the decision to demolish Parkside, the City of Hamilton will need to reconsider.
Special Report: Heritage | 5 Comments

Hamilton is Not 'Nowhere'

Ryan McGreal, Published September 26, 2016
I can't think of a better illustration of the pessimism and civic self-loathing that drives the most ardent LRT opponents than this empty, cynical figure of speech.
Special Report: Light Rail | 6 Comments

Bike Lane Celebration and Glow Ride

Nicholas Kevlahan, Published September 26, 2016
At least 15 cyclists used the Herkimer bike lane on Saturday evening.
Special Report: Cycling | 7 Comments

Remove it and They Will Disappear

Nicholas Kevlahan, Published September 26, 2016
If you make it easier and quicker to drive, more people drive. If it is not so easy to drive, fewer people will drive or they will drive less. The net result of reducing lanes is less traffic, not gridlock.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 1 Comment

Stills in Motion: Glow Ride

Dave Harrison, Published September 26, 2016
A large company of Glow Riders took to the streets on Saturday evening after the celebration for the Herkimer and Charlton bike lanes at Durand Park.
Stills in Motion | 1 Comment

We Can't Make the Same Mistake Twice

Doreen Nicoll, Published September 26, 2016
Alanis Obomsawin's latest project documents the nine-year legal saga that pitted Indigenous Canadians against the Harper government over the deplorable quality of services provided to children and youth on reserve.
Healing Gaia

Hamilton Needs to Design for Health and Illness Prevention

Maureen Wilson, Published September 22, 2016
This is a time for serious talk and meaningful action. Instead, we have some members of Hamilton City council who would have us get sucked into a time warp. That's a dereliction of duty.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 2 Comments

Mountain Councillors Hijack LRT Information Meeting

Nicholas Kevlahan, Published September 22, 2016
Skelly and Whitehead are politicizing a formal communications process, obstructing a Council-approved project and undermining public confidence in city staff.
Special Report: Light Rail | 16 Comments

Bike Lane Celebration on Saturday, September 24

Southwest Ad-hoc Bike Committee, Published September 22, 2016
Come show your support for the Herkimer and Charlton bike lanes and expanding the bike lane network across Hamilton.
Special Report: Cycling | 1 Comment

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