Comment 98316

By Boyd (anonymous) | Posted March 08, 2014 at 14:42:37

I have to agree with you HamiltonBrian.. We as a city need this, and we really need a complete change with every seat available.. There are too many fossils that are re-elected year after year, and worse yet morrow is back in the picture.. "just for now" sorta thing..
Goodness.. Hamilton doesn't have a hope in hell with our local media not really questioning what is going on.. Sadly, we may get further using out of city news stations to get this going, as our local media is just as content to follow present counsels stance that the past has always been best for Hamilton, and 20 minutes everywhere isn't broken so no need to fix it attitude..
Current attitudes will only change once there is awareness that we can be better.. It's a possible reality if we as a city are shown something different with the right leadership..
I really do feel ill when I walk passed city hall daily on my way to work, knowing that Hamilton could be so much better.. It could.. and it would if only these incompetent baboons would all be shown the door!

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