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By AP (registered) | Posted February 26, 2014 at 09:13:37

Thanks for sharing, Doreen. I don't have my own children yet, but if I do someday, I will be following your example in teaching them.

One thing I will do differently is to call it what it is: Men's violence against women. I know why we don't, but when 99‰ of the violence is committed by men against women, leaving us (men) out of the language is a big problem. Again, I know why we call it "violence against women" and "gender-based violence," but as a man, as ugly as it is, and as much as I don't think myself violent, I've got to take my bit of ownership and work to change it...starting with my language. Jackson Katz does a great job of breaking down the language issue in his TED Talk on the subject:

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