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By notlloyd (registered) - website | Posted January 15, 2014 at 18:06:27 in reply to Comment 96803

8 light cycles is normal in the morning during rush hour. I have lived it. I have had to turn around as I said.

I am coming from the South East so Main is irrelevant.

I should not have to justify why I have to drive. Sometimes I just have to. If I could avoid it at all I would. There are personal things that need not be shared on a blog. I am just asking you to assume that I must drive occasionally and that buses are not an option and a cab would have the same problem as I have.

Maybe most people still go there because they have to go there - i.e. get to work, drive from Aberdeen to Mac. Drive from the west mountain or east mountain to Mac. I don't know. Blocking traffic just to block it is questionable. Blocking traffic that could easily flow more smoothly at a higher volume just to engage in behavior modification is questionable. The justification for blocking traffic should be shared with those who paying taxes for the privilege of being frustrated.

It's not just that they are not bothered to take another route. It could well be, like it is for me, that there is no other route that makes any sense.

I agree, a through lane would work better.

When they get a tenant for the innovation park they can re-adjust it again.

I am not a traffic engineer. I am just reporting what happens to me. It used to work fine. Now it doesn't.

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