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By JohnnyVelvet (registered) | Posted January 10, 2014 at 13:34:32 in reply to Comment 96637

As a current resident of the area with an young toddler who's daycare happens to be accessed from Longwood only, I will have to disagree with this post. Whereas I am in agreement 99% of RTH, my personal experiences with Longwood have not been positive. While it's great to see the foot traffic of students and some young professionals along Longwood, it is equally frustrating to try and get around the area due to the amount of cars. Taking into account that Longwood is a truck route, a bus route, and vehicles going to work, school and, in my case, daycare, it is quite a treacherous commute. Add to that, when there are events at Careport Centre, it feels like you are in Mississauga! I have tried walking along the route with baby in stroller and can say I have tried my part to promote less vehicular traffic on Longwood, but I think just due to the sheer layout alone, any traffic adjustments should be more in line to help deal with the peak load times for Longwood. Now, if you turn Aberdeen to a non-arterial road and force highway drivers to get off the highway at Main W instead of Aberdeen...I'll gladly back that proposal!!

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