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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted November 05, 2013 at 13:55:27 in reply to Comment 94249

Your google maps links never work for me.

But anyways, I wholeheartedly agree about the ramp-style driveways. The Dundurn/Fortinos plaza sports some terrible ones. They're not even marked with a crosswalk - to a tunnel-visioned driver, they feel like the continuation of a road and any pedestrian crossing them would be shocking. On King Street, crossing that scary high-speed ramp entrance is actually the intended way for pedestrians to arrive at the plaza - the plaza sidewalk extends right to King (across a few ramps). Oddly, the plaza sidewalk does not attach to King - I'm not quite sure how pedestrians are ever supposed to enter there, everybody just wanders through the parking lot. Which is safer, really - the parking lot has low-speed traffic, those crazy on-ramp-style entrances have King/Main-speed traffic.

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