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By Joshua (registered) | Posted October 05, 2013 at 21:15:04 in reply to Comment 92789


Thanks very much for your comment. Our upcoming 2014 municipal election will, perhaps, tell our city a new tale.

It would be good, too, to see the ancient divide between down-town and up-town abolished. There are Hamiltonians on the Mountain who want walkable streets, complete and safe for kith and kin, and open to all varieties of transportation. We are becoming, it's true, envious of our down-town, whose lives are being immeasurably improved by complete streets and vibrant neighbourhoods. Think of it: when was the last time someone said that something good was happening on Upper James, not just James?

It's true that suburban councillors, and those residents who live in the suburbs here on the Mountain, have more political weight to their vote. I live in the largest ward in the city, the seventh, and we have one councillor to find citizens and bind them. Our streets carry more automobiles and are two-way, so our needs, predicated upon a sense of place and fittingness, are, understandably, different. We need bicycle lanes and infra-structure (lights, mostly, and pedestrian cross-walks) more than one-way streets.

Political engagement, beginning at the civic level, is essential and should permeate every aspect of our citizenship, especially in the secondary and elementary schools.

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