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By Anonymously (anonymous) | Posted July 27, 2013 at 20:54:52 in reply to Comment 1956

Although i enjoyed being at the Killman zoo i would still say that i would have mix feelings in my heart about these wild animals being cage up for my enjoyment. The owner and his workers were there in the crowd with the rest of us observers making as much contact to answer as many questions that he could, cages were clean and dry. But still there was an empty feeling that i knew in my own heart that was not right. There cages did not look as reliable to me to hold back a 600 pound lion let alone a tiger from escaping and even though the question did come up about the strength of their cages being strong enough to hold them back i know differently even though they tried their best to keep me reassure it was all safe. Tigers have been known on the most secured walls to being able to scale a wall that is 16 feet so a fence that might be 7 to 8 feet will do nothing for this cat to hold him back from getting out. I spoke to all the workers there and even though they show such strong compassion for these animals their actual knowledge on their habitat and diet is to raise alarm bells. I really don't recall in the wild lions diets consisting on so much chicken. And even though they did seem some what content i could'nt see how this was as great as a diet that needs to be. The pacing back in fourth that was going on with alot of these cats can only spell danger eventually to other animals or maybe people. A tiger sharing a cage with a lynxs not in the wild and tigers are not like lions that have prides. A black bear shoved in a corner pacing back in fourth looked very lonely and its area was much smaller then needed to be its fence was low and hanging and bent. I wouldnt make more then one attempt togo back into that direction for a second time. I feel if people are going to have zoos and animals that are being taken from their natural habitat then they need to give them enough space to roam and be prepared to spend the money that is needed for them and their safety and also for the safety of others. I would not take a child to this zoo until it meets safety regulations.

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