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By JoltinJo (anonymous) | Posted July 19, 2013 at 13:52:19

Zebra crossings I get - flashing lights at pedestrian crossings - also helpful to drivers who might not spot the pedestrian trying to cross. The bumpouts at Herkimer and Locke - RIDICULOUS! Who thought that up?
Seriously? Oh and by the way - pedestrians - you gotta look before you cross. As a driver, I am careful and responsible and pedestrains have to be too.
A word to author Ryan McGreal. A bike lane on King Street in its current 5 lane one way structure would be bike suicide....if they want to a) increase pedestrian business on that street and b) make it bike friendly then let's go 2 way with parking on one side....and by the way - there are plenty of slowdowns on King street during the resurfacing - you gotta get out more!
Finally a word about the new lights at Caroline and Herkimer. The city has got to decide if an area is residential or commercial - first they allow a conveniece store and a drug store - then they are surprised that people are parking outside of the stores and crossing the street to get there? Are they are surprised that drivers are using a one way street like Herkimer at speed? Really? Make it a 2 way street with speed bumps -- you stop the speed!

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