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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted July 17, 2013 at 16:36:13

Five years!? That is an incredibly long period for a pilot project, especially since it is being used as an excuse not to allow any other 30km/h zones.

One year should be more than sufficient to determine whether there are any serious problems (which I doubt). Is there continuous monitoring? If the City really does want to treat this as a long-term pilot project, they need regular monitoring and should make changes to try to correct any issues. For example, if speeding is a problem, is the City open to making engineering changes (e.g. bump-outs, speed humps or chicanes) during the pilot period? The goal should be a to make 30km/h a success, not to look for reasons why it can't work. Continuous small improvements is the way to make progress, a five-year cycle is far too slow.

30km/h shouldn't be controversial, at least on non-arterial streets. It is the standard "school zone" and "playground zone" limit in western Canada and is being widely adopted throughout the EU.

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