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By highwater (registered) | Posted June 17, 2013 at 02:33:16 in reply to Comment 89566

Absolutely Westdale and the Southwest have lower poverty rates than the 'code red' neighbourhoods, but they also have higher poverty rates than the stereotype suggests, and many low income families whose needs, and indeed very existence, need to be recognized.

I support the idea of infrastructure decisions being based on need, but if we truly have equity as our goal, our assessment of those needs is going to have to be a lot more granular than southwest = rich, code red = poor. Otherwise we'll just be robbing Peter to pay Paul.

As for my last paragraph, you're right. By no means was I suggesting that the residents of ward 3 are getting what they 'deserve'. It's just that I believe the improvements we have seen recently have as much if not more to do with direct involvement on the part of McHattie and Farr, as any 'privilege' on the part of the neighbourhoods in question. I don't think it serves the goal of positive change to labour under the idea that 'rich' neighbourhoods have goodies showered freely upon them simply by virtue of their being rich. The reality is far more complex, and the role of the councillors has been critical to date. It may not be easy to unseat Morelli, but I don't think it does the residents of ward 3 any good to pretend that doing so isn't an important step in bringing about the changes they would like to see.

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