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By hindsite 100% (anonymous) | Posted July 03, 2007 at 00:26:07

It is often possible to change lanes safely by -
Slowing Down, instead of hitting the gas peddle, tailgating the car in front, & trying to bully your way into the desired lane. So many times people could find plenty of space in the lane they want by checking their rear view mirror for space behind their car & more than enough space to merge into the lane that they want.

Some drivers will nearly go side to side with another vehicle, when their is nothing behind that vehicle for 100 ft. All they had to do was check behind them, just slightly slow down for half a second, let that vehicle pass, & then signal & merge into the now Empty lane.

My driving instructor taught me the idea of knowing when to ease off the gas. It gets rid of tailgaters PDQ, & it can help you to get into your lane safely, without pushing your way in with no room to spare.
If all else fails, there is another street a block away, or another highway exit coming up, & another opportunity to change lanes safely in a few seconds. You can get where you want to go safely if you are just prepared to wait a few seconds.

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