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By Derek Smith (anonymous) | Posted April 11, 2013 at 23:38:29

I hope this article gets the attention needed.My wife and I moved to Hamilton 10 years ago and purchased a home that backed on to Beasley Park.At that time the park was a refuge and drinking spot for many of the homeless and very comfortable I might add.For years I voiced concerns about the saftey of kids playing in the park and the saftey of the homeless at neighbourhood watch meetings,conversations with my councilors Andrea Horwath,Bob Bratina and then mayor Larry Dianni.MY biggest complaint being the benches in the park at the time were not in plain view and hard for patrol police to see.I suggested that these benches be removed to make it more safe for all. It wasn't until a man died on the very bench in question that my suggestion made any sense to anyone.That very day all benches were removed after my last phone call to city hall.I feel the area is improving because of residents who care and not because of politicians who seem too get thier careers bolstered by counciling ward 2.Good luck with Beasley future Prime Minister Farr!

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