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By ScreamingViking (registered) | Posted April 09, 2013 at 19:11:18 in reply to Comment 87767

If you add up Binbrook, Carlisle and Mount Hope on the CMA table you get the total noted under the "Less than 30,000" population centre group on the Census Division table. Waterdown appears to be part of the "100,000+" group there.

The CMA summary would include Burlington and Grimsby, and it looks like StatCan has lumped them into the "Hamilton" figure, probably because the urban areas are contiguous now (so the city's urban 475k, + ~176 Burlington and ~25 Grimsby = 670k; the rural CMA count has added the rural parts of those cities too, though they're not defined separately in the profiles)

There are usually maps available that show how these areas are all defined. The only ones I see online just show the CMA or CD/CSD areas.

StatCan is pretty diligent about how they define urban and rural when taking the Census - they have to be, to ensure they're getting accurate counts. You'd have to look at very detailed Dissemination Area (basically neighbourhood level) data to determine exactly how things added up, and where new subdivisions were located in individual DAs (in most cases, I suspect they get included as "urban" at the time of the Census or there are small changes made to DA boundaries to account for them; exceptions might be large-lot developments in small hamlets like Freelton or Kilbride)

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