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By Rational Optimist (anonymous) | Posted April 08, 2013 at 17:08:03 in reply to Comment 87735

I am in this precise situation. I moved to Hamilton from KW a year ago, and my insurance increased, despite the fact that I walk to my job and my wife takes transit. My insurer only made vague comments about claim levels in the GTA, or specifically in Hamilton. We use the car a couple of times a week at most (like you, I do need to insure it for a side business that occasionally requires it), but I know for a fact that I pay more to insure my vehicle in my driveway than some of my colleagues do to insure theirs for sixty kilometre daily round trips.

The reason for this is the same reason you give above for thinking that the 407 sale was a positive (with which I agree). You are absolutely right that, were the provincial government still in control of the 407 (directly or through a crown corp), the fee structure would have become very complicated. Driving insurance is highly-regulated in Ontario, and the provincial government is interested in keeping premiums relatively low for its largest constituencies. To wit: Andrew Howarth wants the province to reduce insurance premiums by 15%, and I've heard no one point out about how contrary that is to a lot of the other ideas her party promotes.

Take the government out of things as much as possible, and people will be given a much greater ability to see the true costs of goods and services.

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