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By J (registered) | Posted February 15, 2013 at 13:44:12

"a downtown casino in a city that is not already a major tourist destination is mathematically guaranteed to take more money out of the local economy than it puts into it."

I've heard this argument before and am not sure it's 'evidence-based' at all. The issue is whether the dollars leaving are already leaving - if so then there's no issue. If gamblers would be spending their money otherwise on vacations to Cuba then more of the money will be staying in the city. If they are spending it at Toronto Maple Leafs games then more is staying in the city. If they're spending it at Montana's before a film at the Cineplex, then I have no idea but assume it's pretty neutral. If they're spending it at Lo Presti's before a show at the Casbah then more money is leaving the city. But I've yet to see any evidence on this.

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